Godrej & Boyce Launches Bamboo Frame Cycle Bambusa


Bambusa is a premium range of bicycles built from bamboo; will be sold as limited edition model

Godrej & Boyce, the holding company of Godrej Group has launched an unique bicycle made from bamboo. The premium range of bicycle christened as the Bambusa is exclusively available on crowd-funding website www.fueladream.com and it will be sold as a limited edition model.

Despite the conventional steel and aluminium frame for modern bicycles being pretty lightweight, the Bambusa can beat them easily when it comes to being lightweight. The company claims that the bamboo frame is rigid and lightweight just like the carbon fibre. Thanks to the frame made of bamboo only, the Bambusa bicycle comes offering extreme durability and ultra lightness. Also, the manufacturing process is pretty easier than the conventional steel and aluminium made models, as bamboo is the fastest growing grass and it offers great sustainability.

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Godrej & Boyce claims that the manufacturing process of the Bambusa bicycle is not reliant on electricity from coal burning power plants and the economic benefits of the production are spread along every step of the process, from source to sale. This way, it saves the environment from being polluted, both directly and indirectly.

The manufacturer claims that these bike frames are beautifully hand crafted and thus they bring uniqueness. For production of these bicycles, the company has carefully laid out process to identify suitable bamboo stems, select them for usage on the frame and treat them appropriately to protect from insects and other environmental hazards. Currently, the Bambusa bicycles are being manufactured at the company’s factory outside Pune. The entire manufacturing process is done there, from growing bamboo manufactures to building the bicycles.

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The company has already tested the Bambusa on road. As it claims, the bicycle has travelled 4,400 kilometers across the length of India during the monsoons and showed amazing strength and sturdiness even on toughest road conditions. Currently it is available in two different colour options, which are White and Brown.