GM Reveals Rear Seat Reminder for Child Safety

back seat reminder for child safety

GM reveals rear seat reminder for child safety; the security alarm system will remind the driver if a child presents in the back seat

The major issue a family will face when going to shopping in car is leaving behind their children at the back seat. They wouldn’t have done it on purpose but the moments of forgetfulness could lead to drastic consequences. General Motors is addressing such tragedy by introducing a new technology.

The American automotive giant will be equipping the 2017 GMC Acadia SUV with a system similar to the seat-belt reminder where warning tone will alert the occupants by saying “Look In Rear Seat”. It will come up in the middle of speedometer to make sure the driver doesn’t leave infants behind.

2017 GMC Acadia

The new feature works in a similar way as the seat-belt alarm and as the sensors in the back door that will remind you if the door is opened while on-the-go. In scenarios such as opening and closing the door before driver’s ingress and crank the car or when engine is running, the sensors will come in play and instigate the back seat warning.

Courtesy of GM’s commitment towards child safety, the new feature will be offered as standard equipment in all versions of the Acadia which was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January. There’s more to that system as GM assessed different situations when a child gets trapped in the back seat of a car.

During summer or when it’s generally hot, the forgotten child may suffer heatstroke due to the excessive heat entering the closed ambience of the car through the windows. Deaths of 12 children were reported according to a study in the US this year which accounts to an average fatality of 37 children since 1998 with most of them aged below four.

While whatever forgotten at the back seat will get reminded, GM emphasises that the main stimulus in creating this much-helpful feature is to prevent child death. There’s a provision to turn it off, if the driver doesn’t find the need to have this feature but the factory setting in Acadia will allow it as default. GM aims to make this technology as standard in sedans as well in the future.

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