Futuristic Michelin Airless Tyre Uses 3D Printing Technology


This smart tyre is capable of sending the treadwear information to the vehicle’s system and request tread reprint when needed

Tyre manufacturer Michelin has stepped one step forward towards making a futuristic smart tyre. The company has unveiled a concept tyre at an event in Montreal in Canada that uses no air. This smart tyre uses a cluster of honeycomb structures that abolishes the need of air and the company describes it as generative design.

This tyre has been christened as the Visionary Concept and what’s more interesting is that it uses 3D printing. The manufacturer says that it has been inspired by the natural growth pattern of the plants, structures of minerals and corals as well. The best part of this tyre concept is that it can communicate with the vehicle and repair the treads when needed.


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As the company showed the video demonstrating the capability of this concept tyre, it sends treadwear information to the vehicle’s system and it can request a tread reprint using a cold cure 3D printing technology depending on where the vehicle would go. So, the smart tyre can change its tread suiting various needs according to the condition.

Michelin is currently in the very early stage of this research project and the durability of this 3D printed tyre is yet to be tested. The company also says this tyre would be perfect to be coupled with future autonomous vehicles. If introduced, it will diminish the current handling-focused tyres. As Michelin hopes, this tyre could come in production form in next decade. Also, within next 2-3 years, it would introduce connected tyre technology to the passenger vehicles and light trucks as well.

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There is another interesting fact about this tyre. It would come made of a wide variety of recycled biodegradable materials and it would come completely recyclable after its life ends. Also, the tyre will come with the entire wheel structure thanks to the 3D printing technology. No wonder, this smart tyre could bring a new dimension in the mobility sector.

Michelin Visionary Concept Tyre Gallery

Source: motor1