Future Hero Bikes to Come with Navigation System

Hero Xtreme 200 S ABS-2

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp is working on a navigation system; will be incorporated in future premium products

Hero MotoCorp is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the Indian market and the brand is known for its supremacy in the commuter bike segment. Currently, apart from the commuter segment, the brand is also focusing on premium products like the upcoming Hero Xtreme 200S. Also, the two-wheeler maker is working on a navigation system, which will be implemented in its future premium products.

Generally, now a days, most of the cars come with a touchscreen infotainment system. But a navigation system for bike is a very rare sight. Well, of course we are not talking about the rally machines. However, some very high end bikes come with a navigation system, with its introduction the Hero will certainly bring a change in the segments above 200 cc.

Hero Xtreme 200 S ABS-3

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The Hero MotoCorp’s navigation system will not be like the car’s infotainment systems. Instead, it will work like smartphone’s GPS systems. The navigation system will come with arrows pointing the turns and there will be a straight line indicator as well. The system will work with Android and iOS devices and will sync through Bluetooth.

The Hero MotoCorp’s navigation system will also incorporate a speaker and voice command system, which will make it unique indeed. So far, with usage of this system, the premium bikes from the brand will become more appealing and more premium. In an attempt to use the service, the user have to connect his smartphone to the system.

Hero Xtreme 200 S ABS

The system is expected to be available for implementation in next two years, as currently it is under work. The two-wheeler manufacturer is likely to introduce it in an upcoming adventure bike which would be rolled out by 2019. Also, we may see a prototype of the navigation system at the 2018 New Delhi Auto Expo.

Source: Bikewale