France Plans To Stop Sales of Petrol and Diesel Vehicles By 2040


France will be stopping oil and gas production by 2040; new bill comes as a step towards green mobility

France has passed a new bill to end exploration and production of oil and gas on its territories by 2040. This move comes as part of the country’s pledge to move towards green mobility. This bill is largely symbolic as France produces only around six million barrels of hydrocarbons every year, which is around one of its consumption.

According to the new bill no new permit for exploration and production of gas and oil will be permitted. However, it will continue to import and refine oil. As the country is trying to take a significant role in fight against climate change, this move appears very symbolic. Interestingly, this move comes after the Paris Climate Agreement where nearly 200 countries joined hands to fight against climate change across the world.

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The other significance for this move comes at a time, when U.S. president Donald Trump has opposed the deal by snubbing the issue of global warming and environmental danger. However, despite the bill passed in French parliament, it faced steep opposition from several parliamentarians.

Issues like climate change, environmental pollution and global warming have been major concerns across the globe for quite some time. Several countries across the world have taken measures to curb the pollution level and here comes the need of green mobility. Several countries around the world have already announced plan to adopt zero emission mobility in coming decades.

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India is among one of the countries that face major environmental pollution issues. Indian government too have taken pledge to introduce zero emission pure electric mobility across the country by 2030 under its Mission EV 2030 strategy. To comply with this strategy, several automakers present in the country are thriving to introduce zero emission products here.

With the Mission EV 2030 implemented, India is expected to become a major market for electric vehicles in the world in coming years. However, Indian government is yet to make any move similar as France to stop exploration and production of oil and gas on its territories.