Four Tesla EVs Homologated For India, Launch Expected Soon

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Tesla’s entry into the Indian market is now one step closer, as the manufacturer has successfully homologated four vehicles

American EV-maker Tesla will soon be entering the Indian market. The manufacturer has already begun road testing, and Model 3 and Model Y have already been spotted, which leads us to believe that these would be the first Tesla vehicles to go on sale in our country. However, a new development has recently come to light regarding Tesla’s entry into India.

As per the government of India’s Vahan Sewa portal, a total of four models have been homologated for Tesla’s India branch, Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt. Ltd. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, we believe these could be different variants of Model 3 and Model Y, likely the standard and long-range versions of the respective vehicles.

The California-based carmaker will likely import its vehicles to India via the CBU route, at least initially. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had appealed for lower taxes on imported electric vehicles, and the same is currently under consideration by the government. However, Tesla does have plans to set up a plant in India in the future, if the initial sales response is promising.

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Tesla Model 3 is currently the most affordable vehicle in the manufacturer’s international range. This electric sedan is available in two versions – Standard Range Plus and Long Range. The former is only available in a single-motor RWD configuration and can deliver a range of 423 km. The long range version is available in AWD (568 km range) and AWD performance (507 km range) variants.

As for Model Y, it is also available in two versions – Standard Range and Long Range. The standard version is an RWD model, with a driving range of 393 km. The long range version is offered in AWD and AWD Performance variants, rated at 525 km and 488 km of range, respectively.

2021 Tesla Model 3 feature

There is no official word on when Tesla will introduce its first EV in the Indian market. However, speculations suggest that it could happen very soon, likely in the coming months. Currently, electric vehicles account for around just 1 per cent of India’s annual car sales, and Tesla will likely aim for a low-volume, premium niche rather than chase high-volume sales initially.

Driving range figures mentioned are EPA-tested