Ford Working on Pothole Warning System

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Ford working on Pothole Warning System at its Research and Innovation Centre in Germany using crowd-sourced virtual pothole map

American auto manufacturer Ford Motor Company is developing an unique driver aid technology called Pothole Warning System. This technology will help the driver to dodge the potholes on road. Currently, engineers at the Ford Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany are working on this tech with a crowd-sourced virtual pothole map.

The real-life road testing is expecting to begin from late 2017. In this system, the pothole map will show the drivers the road condition ahead in real time through the in-car display. The data regarding the depth of the potholes will be shown and the alternative route suggestions will also be shown to the driver.

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The virtual pothole map will display the information about pothole immediately after the pothole appears and warn the driver that there is a hazard ahead. Currently the high-end Ford cars come with sensors that detect potholes and this technology will take the driver aid to another level for sure. The pothole detection system is currently available in models like Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeo and S-Max.

The system works with help from a range of sensors, cameras and embedded modems fitted at the front of the vehicle. Interesting fact is that, this technology will not only gather data and warn the driver of the concerned vehicle, but it will also upload the data to cloud-based pothole map. This map will sync with other vehicles’ system and other drivers will be benefitted from that.

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If we talk about Indian road conditions, then the regular potholes and rough patches drivers have to deal are certainly a concern. Due to the pothole filled roads, several cars’ components are damaged every day. No wonder, with the Pothole Warning System in works drivers will be benefited if introduced and it will save precious maintenance costs as well.