Ford Could Partner Volkswagen, Just Like It Did With Mahindra

ford focus sedan (ford volkswagen partnership)

Partnering with a company like Volkswagen will help Ford lower their expenses and get new technology to overseas market quicker

Ford Motors USA is having discussions with Volkswagen because they want to broaden their presence and alliance beyond the commercial vehicle space. They are doing it purposefully to make some profit and reverse their losses in the Continents of Europe as well as South America.

Ford will also be sharing the technology and small car expenses with Volkswagen. One of the main reasons why Ford wants to partner with its rival Volkswagen is because that will help them lower the price while also get new vehicles and technology to those markets quickly.

We all know by now Ford is having similar kind of discussions with Mahindra & Mahindra in India. They will be working together on new models which will be sold in the emerging markets. Ford CFO Bob Shanks said during an interview that Ford is having a broad discussion about how they and some other automotive manufacturers can help each other around the world.

He added that, with VW and Mahindra, Ford has created a limitation in condition and terms where they could actually collaborate. Their main purpose is to close the gaps and weaknesses of each other and also understand how they could help each other.

ford focus

According to Analysts, Ford has a fair chance of losing $3.6 billion in Europe between 2019 and 2021, which will make them the least profitable automaker of the Country. This particular reason is enough for Ford to strike more creative ideas and deals with the likes of Mahindra and VW. Ford is becoming little aware from beforehand because they faced similar kind of situation in South America where they lost more than $4 billion since the year 2012.

The Ford officials didn’t leak any particular date on when exactly they are going to strike the partnership deal but they surely did inform that they are on their feet and trying to make things happen fast. Although the deals and progress won’t happen all of a sudden, we all can expect things to turn around soon in favour of Ford.