Ford CEO: Company ‘Reinventing’ Cars In US Rather Than Killing Them


Ford CEO Jim Hackett said that killing sedans do not mean the company wants to lose customers but it is in response to what they really want

Ford recently announced that the company will soon discontinue sedan and hatchback from its portfolio as buyers prefer SUV and crossover models. The automotive industry didn’t welcome the move of the American brand along with dealers of the brand as they fear that the company might loose more volumes by ditching the traditional body style.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett said that the new move doesn’t mean that we want to loose customers as they are giving what the customer want. According to Hackett, Ford is simply reinventing the American car rather than killing them. Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford whose family controls 40 percent of the share in the company defended the new strategy of the company.

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Ford-Focus-to-discontinue-in-USBill blaimed the media for all the negative comments as people need to read beyond the headline. The company will add more products and by 2020 it will have the freshest showroom in the Industry. But Ford is yet to give a detailed plan about the future product portfolio. The American manufacturer doesn’t confirm whether they will discontinue Lincoln sedans also.

The Industry certainly favours SUVs and crossover models but that doesn’t mean that sedan and hatchback volumes are coming down. If we look at the American market, the leading models are all sedans like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata etc. Even the Fusion from Ford is selling really well despite facing stiff competition from rivals.

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2017-Ford-Fusion-Sport-1.jpgIndustry experts say that the move from Ford is short-sighted as they are not looking into future. The hatchback and sedan will still remain popular choice for entry level customers and they make up the majority of sales. The company already discontinued Focus and C-Max as production of both models ended in Michigan plant but the Focus name plate will return as a crossover model later.

The Taurus will be discontinued in March 2019 followed by Fiesta hatchback and sedan in May 2019. The last sedan model from Ford will be Fusion as the model was updated recently so it will remain in the market till 2020. Then Ford lineup will be limited to Mustang and Focus crossover along with trucks.