Ford Plans to Make Smarter Cars with Wearable Technology

2015 ford figo test drive review side view-2

Ford plans to make smarter cars with wearable technology; it’s said to give better safety to the owners

Wearable technology is the latest trend in the automotive world. The wearable technology is enabling people to interact with their cars in a dynamic way. American automaker Ford is planning to make smarter cars equipped with wearable technology.

The automaker’s wearable research laboratory is working on integrated wearable devices and vehicles as well which will enable the drivers to avail various facilities. The new technology will minimize the chance of an accident, in case the driver falls asleep or gets stressed while driving. The new generation Ford models will come with this technology.

The technology in new generation Ford cars will be keeping a control on features like lane keeping assist, Blind Spot Information System, Adaptive Cruise Control and many more. To simplify, the wearable device worn by the driver will continuously sync the biometric data like blood pressure, glucose level in blood, sleep duration, heart rate of the driver with the car’s smart system, and the system will work or alert the driver accordingly.

The smarter next generation cars will come with semi automatic driving applications will send signals to the driver in case of a possible accident scenario, road construction ahead by vibrating the wrist wearable device or flashing lights on the dashboard.

Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo cars are known for coming with smart driver assisting technologies. Now Ford is planning to become the world leader in world automotive technologies like connectivity, autonomous vehicles, mobility, data and analytics and customer experience. The innovations are part of the Ford Smart Mobility.

Presently Ford’s wearable research laboratory is also working on augmented reality optics which can be smart glass to give the customers an unique experience while buying the cars. Wearing these glasses the customers can walk through the showroom and see various additional information on the cars on display. These smart glasses will also offer experience like seeing the technical specifications of the cars in the showroom, and a virtual test drive even.

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