Ford Mustang Based Electric SUV Rendered; Looks Surprisingly Alluring

Ford Mustang Based Electric SUV Rendered (Mach 1 or Mach E)

Ford Mach 1 or Mach E will have driving range of 600 km and it will be revealed later this year before going on sale in 2020

Ford has already confirmed the launch of an electrified SUV based on the Mustang pony car and it will go on sale towards the end of next year with a massive driving range of nearly 600 km on a single charge. Since it is based on the Mustang, it will obviously have a sporty demeanour and this rendering will give you some idea of how the production model may look like.

The American auto major could be targetting Tesla’s hot-selling Model X with the Mustang-based all-electric SUV. Expected to make world premiere in late 2019, it could be christened the Mach 1 or as per a trademark application Mach E. The digital imagination from Kolesa shows a striking front fascia familiar to any car enthusiast.

But all the changes happen behind the B-pillar enabling a fastback silhouette as the roofline gets an elaborative extension to comfortably accommodate three passengers at the back and of course boot volume to carry the regular stuff around. The rear engine does feature the black panel with a trio of horizontal LED light bars stuck on each end with GT logo at the centre.

Ford Mustang Based Electric SUV Rendered;

It also gains twin exhaust outlets, aggressive fenders and a set of big Pirelli P Zero tyres with attractive wheel design. The pseudo crossover appeal could become a hit or a miss among prospective buyers and we will have to wait and see how it goes.

The Mach 1 is stated to give “effortless experience” on charging and is claimed to redesign the ownership experience that holds back broad adoption of electric vehicles. It is expected to become a more practical alternative to the standard Mustang. Then again, people do not buy Mustang for its practicality but the performance numbers it pushes out.

It will surely be compared against its IC-engined bigger brother and thus boasting good performance is as crucial as having a high electric driving range.