Ford Files Patent For 4 New Grille Designs – Pics & Details

2021 Ford Bronco 2 Door Rendering-4

While we are unsure of the cars on which these four grilles could be seen, its design speaks volumes

Ford is between the launches of the two new Bronco models and the next-generation F-150. The company has got its plate full for the coming few months. In the same note, a few patents filed by the company at the United States Patent and Trademark Office was unearthed. While we are unsure of the cars on which these four grilles could be seen, its design speaks volumes.

Clockwise from top-left, the mesh-grille on the first drawing seems to hark back at the Escape series along with its stablemates from the 2000s. Today, the grille could be in plans of any of the company’s SUV, not that it is selling many cars in the US.

The second drawing sports horizontal bars that are flanked by two vertical air intakes which suggest that the design could be reserved for a pick-up truck. We assume the same as the 12th generation of the F-150 had a similar unit in some of its trim levels.

Ford Front Grille Trademark-4

The third drawing, like the first one, seems to be reserved for an SUV as it has the same contour as the previous Explorer. Since the sides of the grille are not angled, it is not likely to be a part of the F-150 or its derivatives.

The fourth grille with C-shaped elements looks similar to what one can find in models such as the F-250. There are thick frames and three horizontal bars, a design that will most likely be included in a pick-up truck in the near future.

Ford Front Grille Trademark-2

Only time will tell the true purpose of these grilles and whether it will be installed on the Bronco, Bronco Sport or the new F-150. However, the company could also totally scrap the idea as not all patent make it to the drawing boards of the models.