Ford Figo Twins Production and Sales Suspension Due to Faulty Airbags; Not Poor Sales

In another exclusive news we can divulge that the issues are related to a potential airbag failure, Ford India may issue recall for existing cars as well

2015 ford figo hatchback a4th quarter

Ford has issued an emergency statement to all of its dealerships across the country. It denotes that a major recall is on the cards for the American manufacturer’s Figo twins, the Ford hatchback and the Aspire sedan. The statement sent to all the dealerships for the attention of all the dealing principals, sales managers and general managers would have come as a shocker as the new generation Figo and it’s sedan sibling, the Aspire have been temporarily asked to stop from demonstration and delivery purposes.

This will lead to customers seeking a test drive getting hugely affected and also the withhold of the deliveries could damage the brand image. The problem that has occurred is suspected to be with the airbag system. Ford engineers would have found some issues in that particular system but since the root cause might not have been known yet and the rectification measures are currently being under consideration, the dealerships have been asked to hold the delivery.

ford figo recall
Image Source : MCH

The statement read there are engineering changes presently being performed and thus the new Figo and Aspire shouldn’t be delivered or used for demo uses before further notice. This will continue until at least early next week when the next move will be announced. The sales of both these models have hit a huge decline in recent months and since launched last year they wouldn’t turn as much numbers as Ford would’ve wanted.

Despite being capable products and having won many awards, Ford couldn’t sustain with the initial response received for both the vehicles. Moreover, the airbag issue could lead to a potential recall and it will surely hurt the image of the brand and buyers perception. Ford is encountering difficulties on exports as well according to several rumours from the Sanand plant in Gujarat and that the production capacity has been halved for both the Figo hatchback and Aspire sedan due to poor sales response. The company is embarking on a tough tenure with the downtrodden sales and the potential callback could leave them stern faced altogether.

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