Ford Figo Aspire Petrol and Diesel Road Test Review

Ford Figo Aspire Road Test Review

Ford has had one big year this time. 2015 saw Ford come up with a lot of new vehicles, revised cars and much more in the kitty still left. One of the key cars were the sub four meter cars and those were new generation Ford Figo and classic replacement, the Aspire. We have tested Aspire and compared it as well. The Aspire seems to have everything what the enthusiast need and so does the normal audience out there.

There is improvement needed from the enthusiast point though, something we will end up taking care of on our own. So after spending a lot of time behind the wheel of the Aspire sedan with both engines we will tell you exactly the high and low points of this Blue Oval, which is already looking stable on the sales chart.

Ford Aspire Price in India

Variant Price (Ex-showroom, New Delhi)
1.2 Petrol Ambiente (MT) Rs. 5.28 lakh
1.2 Petrol Trend (MT) Rs. 5.76 lakh
1.2 Petrol Titanium (MT) Rs. 5.99 lakh
1.2 Petrol Titanium+ (MT) Rs. 6.80 lakh
1.5 Petrol Titanium (AT) Rs. 8.19 lakh
1.5 Diesel Ambiente (MT) Rs. 6.38 lakh
1.5 Diesel Trend (MT) Rs. 6.86 lakh
1.5 Diesel Titanium (MT) Rs. 7.09 lakh
1.5 Diesel Titanium+ (MT) Rs. 7.90 lakh

Design has to be the best part of the Aspire. Front is clearly Aston-Martin inspired, and does look very rich and appealing at the same time with muscular bonnet and quirky yet good looking headlamps. The side profile is almost on the verge of being called stubby, but it just about does it.

Rear is very substantial indeed as it is raised as there is a lot metal and body color from the behind marking it clearly a Ford. Sharp lines, contoured bumpers, stretched and edgy tail-lights with subtle chrome strip add quite a bit of drama in dark colors. Stubby and short ORVMS do a good job, but they could be clearly a lot bigger. We think they are dumped because of aero reasons.

Ford Figo Aspire Interiors

Ford Figo Aspire Interior Titaninum plus

Inside the interiors is where the Aspire impress at first glance. Black and beige colors are well done. Quality of plastics is really good, fit-finish levels are good, not great. What is the trouble, are loose panels in the car it isn’t restricted to limited cars either. Build quality isn’t solid on the inside and as a matter of fact on the outside this time as well, with is unusual for a Ford car.

Space at the front and rear is good. Even the front seat pushed all the way back allows rear passengers a good amount knee room as seats are scooped out. There is an armrest to make thing more chauffeur-ish.

Stalks are mounted on the correct side now, aren’t European anymore as they are more like any other Japanese car. The headlight switch and high beam adjusting is on the rotary knob. High beam is adjusted by cool pop out ‘thing’. There is endless storage spaces in the car which clearly makes thing easier for everyone in the car.

Speedo shows info such as average and real time fuel efficiency meter along with Eco mode and other warning lights on the dash. Glovebox is a decent size and does the job well. Piano finish always looks great, but it is a fingerprint magnet. Sound system sounds good, but could have been better like the one in Ecosport.

Ford Figo Aspire Features

Features wise it gets a button loaded infotainment system which sits in the middle. There is no traditional touch screen unit here. You have Bluetooth, AUX and USB along with Radio. The only difference between these models in terms of interior are the seats. Petrol gets leather seats while diesel gets fabric seats.

Go lower to the titanium variant you will find phone controls, My Ford key, CD player and passenger vanity mirror missing on the petrol. You get the Ford phone dock instead of the 4.2 inch age old fonts loaded display missing. Height adjustable seat and seat belts are available on top trims.

There is automatic climate control and A/C works very well. The SYNC system can be confusing at first, but you get used to it either spending an hour while not driving or a day while driving, choose your way. Apart from safety features and basic infotainment and essentials there isn’t anything more special available with the car like the competition has.

Then again, the competition doesn’t offer safety like others do. Visibility all around is excellent except for the rear window, which clearly doesn’t help in parking as parking sensors are not available with the car.

Ford Aspire Petrol Performance

The 1196cc petrol engines makes 88 PS and 112 Nm of torque from its engine. Engine is smooth and NVH levels are class leading and refinement is just surreal at idle or at any given speed. Overall, it matches up with the competition in this aspect very well. However, the engine isn’t rev friendly and does not make much low end or even mid range punch. All the power is concentrated at the top.

The Figo Aspire petrol wakes up after 4000 RPM where even dull petrol engine wake up after 3000 RPM, Aspire reaches new high to extract best possible real time mileage and ARAI mileage from the engine. After 4000 RPM or 120 km/hr in top gear, it wakes up and starts pulling and the power saps out after 150 km/hr and reaches a best what we could see is 170 km/hr on a really long stretch.

City driveability isn’t world class and highway performance is dull. Petrol is clearly not the engine if you aren’t sedate driver or a performance hungry guy. However, we saw a constant 13 km/l in the city and 19 km/l on the highway, which is as we said before is the main motive of the engine and it succeeds well at that.

Ford Aspire Diesel Performance

If petrol is America, diesel is Europe. Diesel is the most fun to ride and the most punchy engine made and sold in India in any small car. Engine makes 100 PS and 215 Nm of torque. Driveability is super good and mid range performance scintillating. This a 10 second car, the time it takes to reach 100 km/hr and not a quarter mile. There is turbo lag, but its minimum and isn’t irritating. NVH levels are good at all speeds as Ford said it has the lowest noise level and its true.

Diesel keeps pulling and pulling till reaches 100 and 120 km/hr in a blink of an eye while short shifting enthusiastically. 160 km/hr is also easy and the car top speed of 190 km/hr is attainable. It could go higher, but the engine is electronically limited to 190 km/hr as you can feel the limiter kicked in. Gearbox throws are smooth and short and petrol and diesel clutch are light. However, diesel clutch travel is a little longer, but you get used to it easily.

Our abused car constantly showcased on the MID 15.4 km/l and highway statics with a hard foot saw the economy doing around 20.7 km/l. Tank to tank fuel measurement showcased we got 20 km/l on a heavy foot, which is quite a feat considering it can be better if the car and drive are in good and sane conditions respectively.

What the engine is, that it a very free reviving one and BORDER LINE AGGRESSIVE. Yes, this cannot be the car for your 19 year old kid or elderly because this thing is fast. Now we know the reason why Ford made the My-Key ‘thing’. Enthusiast make note, this is your car and not the one’s in your family.


It is a Ford after all. We expect it to ace this part of the review, but things aren’t as good as we all thought. Handling isn’t pin point precise of seen on the Fiesta. Ride quality has been given more importance and hence it is very good as it glides over bumps and potholes. However, soft suspension has left for lack of steering feel, which is just like the handling, it’s average.

Chassis wise, you can feel the typical Ford chassis in the background, but ordinary suspension tuning and small size and not so great compound tyres ruin the fun. A tyre upgrade of better compound and 195 section slapped either on 14 or 15-inch wheels should do the trick very well and should make it a worthy enough of the Blue Oval badge.

Ford even has 15-inch air pressure on the recommendation strip along with the 14-inchers. With all of this, braking should improve as well despite the fact brakes are already good with good bite and a slight amount of play which is more than expected. Overall, it could have been better, but it is easier getting this thing sorted with help of tyres. Diesel clearly begs for better and larger tyres petrol can still do with a minimum upgrade.

Ford Figo Aspire Review Verdict

It’s quite simple then, Aspire has almost everything that is needed for a success in the Indian market. A competitive price tag, safety features, fuel efficient engines and features all in combination should work as a package as it does. Physically, it doesn’t count isn’t that high. However, emotionally it does. Ford is working a lot in the background to make sure running cost are cheaper, dealerships are everywhere, new schemes to make buying and selling affordable ans easier.

Everything seems to be working well on the face of it too. Previous owners of the Figo are in praises for the car that Ford has been replaced with and that says a lot. Aspire continues to be a value for money package in one way and if it is your way, then there isn’t anything like it on the market.

Ford Aspire Petrol, Diesel Road Test Picture Gallery

Pros –

  • Adequate Dynamics
  • Standard safety features
  • Powerful and frugal engines
  • Value for money

Cons –

  • Petrol engine un-enthusiastic
  • Small tyres and boot space
Overall Rating
ford-figo-aspire-review-petrol-diesel-road-test-182249Ford has had one big year this time. 2015 saw Ford come up with a lot of new vehicles, revised cars and much more in the kitty still left. One of the key cars were the sub four meter cars and those were new...