Ford F-Series Beats Toyota Corolla as World’s Bestselling Car of 2016

Ford F-Series Beats Toyota Corolla as World’s Bestselling Car of 2016

Ford F-Series beats Toyota Corolla to be crowned as the bestselling car of 2016 worldwide; sold 986,660 units over Corolla’s 952,576

Ford F-Series pickup truck becomes the bestselling car in the world in 2016. According to JATO, the muscular looking pickup truck came up two places and grabbed the top spot beating the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Golf. A total of 986,660 units of F-Series were sold in 2016 by the American manufacturer.

The pickup truck has seen an increase of 7.7% in its sales compared to 2015, when it was at the third spot. Japanese automaker and world’s second largest car manufacturer Toyota retailed a total of 952,576 units of Corolla last year while its biggest competitor and world’s number one car maker Volkswagen delivered 859,845 units of Golf.


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While the Ford F-Series has registered significant sales increase, Toyota Corolla has recorded 0.9% rise in sales. But the Volkswagen Golf’s sales slumped by 8.2%. The competition in the European market has increased significantly for Golf in recent past. This has led to the sales decline for the German car. Also, the Dieselgate has impacted its sales as well.

In the SUV and crossover segment, Nissan X-Trail was the bestselling model in the world last year. It recorded 766,729 units of sales in 2016, marking 23.4% increase in the sales chart. The Honda HR-V premium crossover has registered a very impressive rise in its sales with 38.4% and it has sold a total of 724,769 examples.


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The bestselling car of 2012, the Ford Focus has sold 732,893 units but its sales dropped by 1.1% compared to previous year. Among other top selling cars are the Hyundai Elantra with 765,996 units, Honda CR-V with 707,890 units and Toyota RAV4 with 701,756 units. In the A segment models, the Hyundai i10 is the most demanded car while the BMW 5-Series is the most sold car in the luxury segment. Ford Mustang has registered itself as the most popular sportscar.