Ford F-150 Lightning Breaks Cover With Up To 483 Km Range

Ford F-150 Lightning 4

Ford F-150 Lightning will be available in two battery packs and the extended battery pack can power a home for up to three days on a full charge

Ford has lifted the cloaks off the F-150 based electric pickup truck dubbed the Lightning and its bookings have commenced in the United States. With a starting price of USD 39,974, the Ford F-150 Lightning’s top-spec model costs around USD 90,000 (before federal and tax credits). The extended range battery pack equipped variant enables 563 horsepower from the twin electric motors, besides having a claimed driving range of 483 km.

It can accelerate from zero to 96 mph in 4.5 seconds while the standard battery pack is claimed to produce 426 horsepower and it has an EPA range of 370 km on a single charge. While the exact specifications of the battery are not revealed, the extended pack is the biggest the Blue Oval has ever offered and the F-150 Lightning is the first F-series truck to get an independent rear suspension for improved handling and comfort.

The towing capacity of the Ford F-150 Lightning stands at 4,536 kilograms and the payload capacity is rated at up to 910 kilograms. The electrified F-150 comes with different AC charger based on the variants and the standard battery gets an 11.2 kW unit and optional 48A house charger, and the bigger pack uses a dual charger of up to 19.2 kW capacity.
Ford F-150 Lightning 1
The 48A home charger charges the battery from 15 to 100 per cent in around 10 hours and the extended battery pack along with the dual charger plugs into an 80 A house charger. It does 15 to 100 per cent in around 8 hours and a DC 150 kW fast charger reduces the time to just 41 minutes from 15 to 80 per cent.

The F-150 Lightning is equipped with Intelligent Range software and the Intelligent Backup Power system off-loads up to 9.6 kW of energy in the extended battery pack variants to power home for up to three days on a full charge. The design is a certain setup over the regular F-150 with the LED lighting bars giving a futuristic appeal.
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The interior boasts the latest SYNC4A infotainment system, a large 15.5-inch portrait-styled touchscreen with natural voice control, cloud-based navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OTR updates, optional Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free L2 driver-assistive system, and so on. The electric pickup will be made available in four variants.