Ford Endeavour Sport – Top 5 Changes Over The Regular Model


Check out all the changes Ford has made to the new Endeavour Sport over the standard Endeavour models

Ford Endeavour Sport is scheduled to launch in India on 22nd September. The ‘Sport’ will be based on the ‘Titanium Plus’ trim. As such, the equipment on offer will be identical on both these variants. There will be a few differences as well between them, all of which are cosmetic, as Ford hasn’t given the Sport variant any mechanical upgrades.

Here, we shall discuss all the changes on the Ford Endeavour Sport as compared to the regular Endeavour models, both on the exterior as well as the interior.

1. ‘Sport’ Decals

The first and most obvious difference between the “normal” Endeavour and the Endeavour Sport, is the presence of ‘Sport’ badging. At the bottom of the rear doors and on the tailgate, there are decals with ‘Sport’ lettering. Sadly, as mentioned, these are all just decals. Personally, a proper 3D badge on the tailgate would have been much better.

2. Blacked-Out Elements

The nose of the Ford Endeavour Sport ditches the chrome-plated grille (with three horizontal slats) in favour of a black honeycomb grille. The silver-finished bash plates and bumper garnishes have been replaced by gloss black ones. The chrome bar on the tailgate, which ran between the taillamps, has also been replaced by a black unit. Other blacked-out elements include wing mirrors, faux roof rails, side steps, and the air vents behind the front wheel arches.

3. Dark Headlamp Lens

The headlamps also get dark smoked glass, instead of clear ones like on the regular Endeavour models. These darker headlamp lenses complement the black grille they flank, giving the SUV another touch of sportiness in the styling department.

4. Black Alloy Wheels

Ford Endeavour Sport

Ford offers the Endeavour with a set of pretty-looking, dual-tone, machine-cut alloy wheels. These 18-inch rims come shod with 265/60 tubeless tyres. As for the Endeavour Sport, it gets a set of all-black 18-inch alloy wheels, with the same rubber on them. You might have noticed a theme by now; there are a lot of black elements on the Sport.

5. Black Roof Liner

The interior of the Ford Endeavour Sport is the same as the regular models, but with one change. The white-coloured roof liner of the SUV has been replaced by, you guessed it, a black one. The darker ceiling adds a premium feel to the cabin, and the large windows and sunroof prevent the interior from feeling even a little bit claustrophobic.