Ford Endeavour Rolled Over In An Accident With Hyundai Santro: Video

Ford Endeavour Rolled Over In An Accident With Hyundai Santro

As surprising as it may sound, a Ford Endeavour SUV tumbled after crashing with a small Hyundai Santro. Watch the video to believe it.

Nobody likes a crash, be it on four wheels or on two and given the road conditions in India, you can never be too safe. However, this has led many to believe that an SUV is the ‘safer choice’ as it is big and bulky, and carries a lot of mass. In simple words, ‘size is might’.

However, the biggest drawback of SUVs in terms of safety is its very size and mass themselves. We’re not saying that SUVs are not safe as that depends from car to car. A hatchback can be safer than an SUV too but it depends on the situation of course! Anyway, not questioning any car’s safety, there is a video posted on YouTube that has captured a rather unusual accident.

The video is a CCTV footage that apparently is meant to look over a parking yard. But, in its field of view, it also records a gap in the median that could be used by drivers to pull into the parking lot. As we start seeing a couple of Maruti Suzukis – a Maruti Suzuki Swift and a Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the accident takes place.

What happens is that the Ford Endeavour tries to cut in from the other side of the road, crossing the gap in the median and is being driven towards the camera. And as it does that, a white-coloured previous generation Hyundai Santro crashes into it.

Going by what we can see in the video, the Hyundai Santro must be travelling at high speeds at the moment of impact as the momentum that car was carrying, coupled with the angle of the collision between the Santro and the Endeavour, result in the giant SUV flipping over!

The impact is on the rear of the Ford Endeavour which almost spins it around but during that, the rear right tyre catches grip, the suspension can be seen fully compressed, and because of which, the giant SUV rolls over. There is significant damage to the Santro as well which then narrowly misses out on crashing into the Maruti Suzuki Dzire pulling out onto the road.