Ford Endeavour Facelift Vs Toyota Fortuner Vs Mahindra Alturas – Price Comparison


We are pitching the 2019 Endeavour facelift against the segment best seller Toyota Fortuner and the recently launched Mahindra Alturas G4

Ford officially launched the mid-life facelift model of Endeavour just a while ago and the company reduced price compared to the earlier model. Everyone was expecting Ford to introduce the new 2.0 L diesel engine from the international model but the India-spec version retained the same old 2.2 L and 3.2 L engine. In this article, we are comparing the price of Endeavour facelift against Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Alturas G4.

Toyota is offering the Fortuner in a petrol variant but in this article, we are comparing diesel variant of Fortuner against Endeavour and Alturas G4 as they are available only with a diesel engine. The entry-level Titanium variant of Endeavour with 2.2 L diesel engine mated to a manual gearbox and two-wheel drive system is priced at Rs. 28.19 lakh.

The entry-level 2.8 L 4×2 manual variant of Fortuner price starts at Rs. 29.59 lakh, which is Rs. 1.40 lakh expensive than Endeavour. The Alturas, on the other hand, is not available with a manual gearbox and the entry model with a 2WD system is priced at Rs. 26.95 lakh and it is Rs. 1.24 lakh cheaper than Endeavour, 2.64 Lakh than Fortuner. All three models come loaded with lots of features also.

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The manual 4×4 variant of Endeavour with 2.2 L engine is priced at Rs. 30.60 lakh and the Fortuner with the same configuration is priced at a premium of Rs. 89,000 over the Endeavour. The top-spec Mahindra Alturas G4 with the four-wheel drive system and the automatic gearbox is priced at Rs. 29.95 lakh and it is much cheaper than Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner.

The Endeavour and Fortuner top-end model with all the bells and whistles are priced very closely as the latter comes at a premium of just Rs. 31,000 over the former. Customer who spends over 30 lakh won’t even consider the price difference of Rs. 31,000 between Fortuner and Endeavour but Ford is offering lots more features than Toyota, which makes it the best choice among them.

Both these models can’t beat Alturas G4 in terms of pricing as Mahindra is offering lots more for less money. The Alturas G4 is not a proven product while the Endeavour and Fortuner have been in the market for a very long time now.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Ford Endeavour Facelift Toyota Fortuner
Titanium 2.2 4×4 MT – Rs. 28.19 Lakh 2.8 4×2 MT – Rs. 29.59 Lakh
2 WD AT –Rs. 26.95 lakh 2.8 4×2 AT – Rs. 31.38 Lakh
Titanium+ 2.2 4×4 MT – Rs. 30.60 Lakh 2.8 4×4 MT – Rs. 31.49 Lakh
4WD AT – Rs. 29.95 lakh Titanium+3.2 4×4 AT – Rs. 32.97 Lakh 2.8 4×4 AT – Rs. 33.28 Lakh



People will choose Fortuner over both these product because of reliability and brand value. But in terms of pricing, our pick will be the Mahindra Alturas G4.

*all prices ex-showroom