Ford Launches World’s First Electronic Handbrake; Built For Focus RS


Ford Performance developed electronic handbrake ‘Drift Stick’ will deliver a real rally car feeling in Focus RS; approved by Ken Block

Ford Performance has launched world’s first ever electronic handbrake, specially designed for the Focus RS and approved by drift-master Ken Block. Priced at $999, this electronic handbrake that is christened as Drift Stick will be available in US and Canada only. The kit includes the Drift Stick lever, mounts and circuit board with professional calibration functionality.

The Drift Stick has been designed and developed by the same team from Ford Performance that developed the Focus RS’ famous Drift mode. Also, just like the Drift mode in Ford Focus RS, this new Drift Stick too is meant for track use only. As Ford Performance says, this out of the box product comes out of the Wicked Stick project and it could be introduced to many future projects as well.


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Speaking about the Drift Stick, it is an aluminium lever positioned between the driver’s seat and manual transmission. It opens the rear drive (RWD) car’s clutches and applies hydraulic pressure to lock rear wheels. All this is done by just a simple pull to the lever, just like a true rally car and this way, a normal road going car driver can taste the feel of the rally model.

This handbrake offers the quickest possible way to send the Focus RS sideways without clutch for large angle drifting. Also, it doesn’t need any modification like welding, hole drilling or extra calipers. As Ford Performance claims, this connects to the Focus RS’ onboard diagnostic port of the car and acts as a professional calibration tool. While initially it will be offered for the customers in US and Canada only, expect the automaker to sell in in other global markets at later stage.


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What makes this electronic handbrake by Ford Performance more interesting is the final approval from Ken Block, the famous master drifter. As he has said about this product, this is really exciting to see this electronic handbrake coming to life.