Flagship BMW X8 SUV Could Launch By 2020

BMW X7 iPerformance Concept

BMW has filed trademark application for iX8 fuelling speculation about flagship X8 SUV; could focus on Chinese market

It seems that Bavarian luxury auto giant BMW is not satisfied with its X7 flagship SUV. The brand has filed trademark for the iX8 moniker that ignited speculation that the company is working on a new flagship SUV, which is expected to be christened as X8. The BMW X8 could be the next flagship SUV from the brand and it would be launched sometime around 2020.

Upon launch, this new luxury SUV will be positioned above X7 and it will throw challenges towards Audi Q8 and Range Rover. Interestingly, BMW believes there is enough space for a new flagship SUV and upon arrival it would target the markets like China. However, decisions are yet to be finalised by the brand.

BMW X7 iPerformance Concept 2

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While the BMW X8 would focus Chinese market, it is not clear if it will arrive in Indian market also. But, we can expect the brand to introduce the X8 here as well, considering the fact that a large number of customers are showing keen interest towards such luxury vehicles. The BMW X8 could use the same underpinning as the X7. We can assume it would appear as a long wheelbase version of the X7.

BMW X8 will certainly come wearing the brand’s futuristic design language that was previewed through the X7 concept. It would sport a four or five seater cabin and the main attraction would be the high-end technologies along with premium quality materials that will ensure more comfort and top-notch safety for the occupants.

BMW X7 iPerformance Concept 1

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Expect the BMW X8 to come with a range of powerful powertrain options. While the brand is tightlipped about the possibilities, we can assume it would get turbocharged conventional fuel powered engines, plug-in hybrid powertrain. There could be a twin-turbo V12 engine as well, but that will be available only in the range-topping variant. So far, this is going to be an exciting product from the auto major.
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