Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Coming To India, Confirms CEO

Fisker Ocean Electric SUV-2

Details of the upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV have been revealed ahead of its 2020 Consumer Electronics Show debut in Las Vegas

Fisker Inc debuted its first electric SUV called the Fisker Ocean, ahead of the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) set to be held in Las Vegas this week. The SUV will hit the markets in late 2021 or early 2022, and reportedly the Chairman & CEO of Fisker Inc, Mr Henrik Fisker himself confirmed that the car will also be brought to the Indian market at some point.

In an interview, Henrik Fisker said, “We designed our Fisker Ocean EV to be extremely space-efficient, and we can offer lower-cost versions that would be very competitive in India, in the mid-market segment. Ultimately, we may look at local assembly in India to lower cost further.

We want to deliver the world’s most sustainable premium electric vehicle to Indian consumers through our App. By going directly to our customers, we save cost that we can pass on to our customers,” he further added.

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The manufacturer is yet to reveal the details of the car’s powertrain, but we do know that the Ocean EV will come equipped with an 80 kWh battery pack, and a total driving range of around 250 to 300 miles (402 to 483 km). Fisker claims that the SUV will be capable enough to reach the speed of 100 kmph in around 3 seconds.

Apart from that, the car will feature solar panels on the roof which could provide additional an additional range of 1,000 miles or 1,609 km per year. The SUV will be offered with either a two-wheel drive, or a four-wheel-drive configuration.

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The manufacturer also claims that the Ocean will be the “world’s most sustainable vehicle”, and that its cabin will be 100% vegan. Materials which will be used include polyester fibres, recycled plastic bottles, repurposed rubber waste and Rayon.

Fisker plans to launch the Ocean e-SUV first in the United States next year, followed by a 2022 launch in China. However, the EV will possibly be brought to the Indian market in the next five years.