First Ever Open Sourced Self Driving Modular EV Debuts


The modular self-driving electric vehicle comes with customizable exterior and interior; christened as ‘eDIT’

OSvehicle has released images of world’s first open sourced modular self-driving car christened as eDIT. This vehicle will be available for those companies like shared ride providers that look for customizable electric vehicles. The modular autonomous EV is currently in concept form and it could come as a production model in next couple of years. The most interesting part of this vehicle will be its customizable exterior and interiors.

The customers can modify the eDIT according to their own preferences. In terms of design, it looks like a minivan and thanks to the customizable parts, its size can be shortened or enlarged. The entire vehicle is divided into 5 main parts, 4 moulds. Not only at the front and rear, but it can be expanded or trimmed at the top and side profiles also.


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Thanks to the modular design, the vehicle offers easy replacements of the major components like battery pack and electric motor. The car space can be increased as well. OSVehicle is yet to reveal the specifications and further details about the vehicle. But, we can expect the pricing and specifications to come out soon.

The company was earlier involved in Renault Twizy open source project and it has used the experience in eDIT project as well. Inside the cabin of this car, it offers 5-different settings depending on the autonomous driving level. In the level 5 version of the car, occupants get a working area at the centre. With this, all the four occupants inside the cabin can work on the move without any hassle.


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Once launched, the eDIT can prove to be an emission free and self driving futuristic mobility solution. Being designed for urban commuting, expect the vehicle to come equipped with a generously powerful electric powertrain combining an efficient electric motor and a battery pack. Also, it would provide decent range as well.

OSVehicle eDIT Gallery