Fiat Eega Unveiled Internationally, Could Replace the Linea in India

Fiat Egea front

Fiat Eega is gorgeous looking saloon and could replace the Linea or get into D-segment, if it has the right engines onboard when comes to India

Seems like Fiat is finally taking the lack of small cars in its stable seriously. With Just Punto and Linea in the stable Fiat doesn’t have much even worldwide to offer. The Fiat 500 platform has helped the company grow as it has spawned multiple cars on the same platform.

However, this time around the company wants to strike back in the C or D segment with this new Eega sedan that it just commenced making in its turkey facility. Fiat Eega has seen a lot of changes before it came to life as well in a typical Italian fashion. The name of the car was supposed to Fiat Aeega. However, know it is named as Fiat Eega.

Fiat Egea India

Fiat Eega is a 4.5-meter sedan, which seems the perfect replacement for the Linea, but it would large enter into the segment where the limit of a C-segment sedan ends 4.4 meters. Fiat Eega also has a 510 boot space and it has a lot of space in the rear. If Fiat manages to bring higher capacity engines into the Eega when it comes to India it can actually come into the D-segment and compete with the like of Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta.

Fiat Egea India side

However, another news suggests that India may not the Eega and is likely to get the Grand Sienna in India. The Grand Sienna is sold in some South American and other countries and works as the C-Segment. The engines stated for either of these cars that will come to India would be the Multijet engine II (which has direction injection and has fewer emissions over the normal Multijet).

Fiat Egea India interior

The engines power output will be around 94 BHP and 118 BHP. Let’s wait and watch, which of these cars because at the end of the day, the Linea needs replacement and strike the right cords with buyers this time when it comes C-segment category

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