Fiat Avventura -Test Drive Review


A competent hatchback, convincing as an SUV, Contemporary Urban Vehicle. An all in one Fiat Avventura – Get ready for Adventure!

When you talk about Fiat, the brand relates to nostalgic memories. Fiat India Automobiles Ltd was earlier under the Premier Automobiles Limited which sold 1100, 124 and UNO in India. In 2007 a definitive agreement of the Joint Venture between Fiat S.p.A (Italy) and Tata was signed, post which came the Fiat Punto in 2008.

However, in 2009 the Punto received cosmetic treatment and was called the Punto Evo. The glimpse of the Fiat Avventura from the front will look-alike as the Punto Evo, but aesthetically appealing in its looks. While the Toyota and Volkswagen launched the cross versions of the Etios Cross and Cross Polo, Fiat too joined the race with launching the Avventura, you can either call it a hatchback or a compact SUV.

The Fiat Avventura is based on the Punto Evo with an eye-catching design with spare wheel mount popping from the boot giving it an SUV feel although it’s a hatchback.

Variants and Price

  • Fiat Avventura Active 1.4L FIRE – Rs.6,44,082
  • Fiat Avventura Dynamic 1.4L FIRE – Rs.7,31,194
  • Fiat Avventura Active 1.3L MULTIJET – Rs.7,18,661
  • Fiat Avventura Dynamic 1.3L MULTIJET- Rs.7,95,123
  • Fiat Avventura Emotion 1.3L MULTIJET – Rs.8,49,183
    *All prices mentioned are Ex-Showroom prices in New Delhi.


The curvy design and the rugged look give the Fiat Avventura a sporty impression on the road, it would be an ideal city drive car and potent to carry your sporting gear be it mountain bike, skis or even your kayak on its well-designed roof rail. The rear mounted spare-wheel is completely out from the body and does not take space from the boot, which remains the same as in the Punto Evo.

However, the impractically designed tail-mounted spare makes it difficult to reach the boot without opening the spare lid manually, even though there is a button on the dashboard or key fob to release the boot. Impressive tail-mounted spare misses the point! The hatchback comes with 16-inch alloy wheels standard on all variants with better ground clearance of 205 mm with Side body cladding for protection which runs all through the vehicle adding sportiness.


Firstly, are we missing the single cup holder? Yes, and it is sad. Fiat Avventura claiming to be an adventure series from Fiat lacks a simple cup folder which is essential for any adventure. However, other features monopolize what lacks here. The rugged interior with dual-tone, soft-touch dashboard with ambient lighting, Leather wrapped steering wheels and fabric insert on the door trims and armrests gives you a premium touch but misses the mid armrest for the driver.

Fiat Avventura gives you enough room to take anything that you think of with 60:40 split seats at the rear, which loads the excitement of the hatchback. The AC control panel looks very basic with cheap quality material, must be part of the cost reduction. However, it performs well and there is a rear AC vent too, which keeps the travel pleasant and enjoyable without letting the occupant sweat out.

We noticed that the compact SUV has a good height from the outside, but a 6” person will have to struggle with the headroom on the rear seats. Also observed that it misses the telescopic steering and is a bit higher. The boot mounted spare wheels were a bit quirky at times with noise coming from that point which was annoying at almost every time the vehicle shakes more than average.


Fiat Avventura is equipped with High-terrain gauges like the horizontal and vertical Inclinometers and compass to ensure that you have control on all kinds of terrain. A perfect trail blazer! The airbags are smart as they detect a crash early through a sensor which helps to restraints at the exact moment of the crash. With solid backing seats with metal back keeps you put in the seats the occupant is safe in the rear as well.

This becomes a bit embarrassed, we believe, the Reindeer headlamp or the follow-me headlamps remain switched on for a programmed time after you leave the vehicle to find your way, how will I give a surprise! As most of them fell, the dead pedal collides with the clutch making the joy ride less happy. The dead pedal is so close to the clutch, that each time to try to give rest to your leg you end up pushing the clutch or try pushing the clutch and you end up stopping by placing half of your foot on the dead pedal. This creates safety concerns while riding in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi for e.g. Where bumper-to-bumper traffic.


The Fiat Avventura comes with both Petrol and Diesel engine seen on the Punto Evo. The petrol engine is called as the F.I.R.E, is a 1.4 litre engine pumping out 90HP at 115nm of torque. We found the hatchback getting a bit lazy on the inclines though the engine making enough power. Fiat claims that the petrol engine is capable of giving fuel economy of 14.4 km/l.

The 1.3-litre Multi-Jet Diesel engine is an award-winning technology from Fiat claims it comes with improved performance, better fuel efficiency and manages a smoother ride. The engine makes 93HP and 209 NM of torque.

Buyers focus
  • Fiat India provides 15000KM service, while the maintenance cost isn’t high
  • 3 Years unlimited KM warranty
  •  A noise proof cabin
  • High-terrain gauges
  • SUV kind appeal and fun to ride
  • better ground clearance
  • Excellent braking
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Dead pedal concern
  • Short rear head room for above 6″ft tall
  • Noisy tail mounted spare wheel mechanism
  • Cup holders missing.

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