Ferrari Mumbai Showroom Goes Live! Navnit Motors Is The Partner

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Ferrari Mumbai Showroom is at one of the most prime locations in the city, the new partner Navnit Motors is set to offer world class sales and service to the Italian brand client’s

Yesterday was the day when Ferrari went live for the first time in the capital of our country. Today Ferrari is here, in the financial capital of India to take a tiny amount of money from the rich. Yes, the Ferrari Mumbai Showroom is here and is now live. Location is set in the Bandra Kurla Complex, near to Starbucks coffee shop. There are so many puns associated but let’s just skip that.

Ferrari is very proud to tie up with Navnit Motor, a group which is known for many showrooms of other luxury brands such as BMW and Rolls Royce any many more. Enrico Galliera, Senior Vice-President Commercial & Marketing, Ferrari SpA said that he always felt a strong connection with India as the fan following is massive and it is one of the most rare thing, which he has never encountered when compared to anywhere else in world.

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Enrico Galliera also said that it’s the people who make the Italian brand stronger and it continues to reward its employees and people associated with the brand since the days of Enzo Ferrari.

Hence, the reason why he presented a prancing horse statue to Navnit Motors head and said that they are know the face of Ferrari in India as they represent us now. Navnit Motor head also presented the Enrico with a small gift as a token of appreciation. Both parties are proud of being associated with each other as the passion on both sides is very high indeed.

Ferrari inaugurates its new showroom in New Delhi-4-2

The best part of the showroom was the super sensuous and beast in disguise, the F12 Berlinetta gracing the showroom. The car ready for delivery has one seriously lucky owner. The dealership also had the highly accessible Ferrari California T Spider to make things even more better.

The showroom just like the Delhi counterpart allows you to personalize your ‘baby’, in Enrico Galliera’s terms, the way you want and that is what Ferrari is very keen on every single time. Alcantra, steering, floor matts all are here in different colors to choose from. There are seats types, wheels and colors and the entire interior color can also be specified to the client’s need.

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There is a lounge with all the books which have Ferrari’s history on every aspect written in them. There is a showcase which has all official Ferrari goodies for sales with a bonkus price tags on them. Scale models are always there to woo you like you 10 year old child too. Good luck Ferrari and to its partner to India. Rumors say they already sold out 15-20 units this year. Let’s wait and watch!

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