Ferrari Enzo Auctioned For Rs. 20 Crore; Most Expensive Car Sold Online

Rare Ferrari Enzo Auctioned At Rs 20 Crore-1-2

A rare 2003 Ferrari Enzo was auctioned at an online event hosted by renowned RM Sotheby fetching a whopping Rs 20 Crore, four times the original price

Ferrari, the brand that epitomizes supercars, has been the numero uno choice of many first time fast car buyers globally, making it one of the most recognized brands. However, the Prancing Horse, as it is often called, entices more rare car collectors than new car buyers, a reason why rarest of the rare Ferraris go under the hammer every year, fetching record sales amount.

One such incredible rare car has been making a round of news as being the highest-priced car sold in an online auction. The former flagship model and LaFerrari’s pre-cursor, the Ferrari Enzo has been sold by RM Sotheby in an online auction breaking the record.

Bearing chassis number 13303, the 2003 model year Ferrari Enzo managed to fetch a whopping $2.64 million (Rs 20 crore approx) during the Driving Into Summer auction and is now only at its third owner. The V12 supercar from Maranello has merely 1,250 original miles on the clock.

Rare Ferrari Enzo Auctioned At Rs 20 Crore-1

This is not the first time RM Sotheby sold a Ferrari Enzo at such exorbitant pricing. Limited only to 399 units and 1 special unit gifted to His Holiness Pope John Paul II by Ferrari, RM Sotheby sold the final Enzo back in 2015 for $6.05 million (Rs 55 Crore). To put things into perspective, the Ferrari Enzo was priced $652,830 (Rs 4.9 crore) 17 years ago, which means it gained 400% value in these many years.

RM Sotheby’s sold another Ferrari flagship during its online-exclusive Driving Into Summer event in the form of the 1985 288 GTO fetching $2.31 million (Rs 17.5 Crore). In addition, a one-of-50 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Coupe from coach-builder Ellena grabbed $671,000 at auction (Rs 5.1 Crore), while a 90-mile 488 Pista Spider went for $605,000 (Rs 4.5 Crore).

Talking about the Ferrari Enzo further, it still is one of the most powerful cars packing 651 hp and 657 Nm of torque produced from its naturally aspirated 6.0-litre engine, pushing the supercar to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.