Farmer Buries 48-Year-Old Ford F-350 to Honour It


Uruguayan farmer Alcides Ravel buried his 48-year-old 1969 Ford F-350 in his own farm to avoid scrapping it

In a world where people throw away things that are not anymore usable, Uruguayan farmer Alcides Ravel is a true exception. The 83 year old man buried his 48 year old Ford F-350, which he described as a small gesture to honour the faithful companion after its five decades of service.

Alcides Ravel bought the Ford F-350 in 1969, when the farmer was 35 years old. As the man says, this vehicle has helped him purchase his farm and also to raise his children. The old pickup truck had been broken down for more than four years and it was beyond repairing. So, the Ford pickup was about to go to scrapyard. But the man decided to bury it in his own farm instead of sending it to the scrapyard.


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Alcides Ravel says that this pickup truck was a big part of his life. This vehicle helped him transporting all sorts of things between the cities of Melo and Montevideo for years, a 400 kilometer drive too up to 12 hours to complete. Despite being broken down, the pickup never let him down and Alcides Ravel considered it as his best companion.

Car burials are definitiely odd, but not something never heard of. Four years back, a Brazilian businessman named Chiquinho Scarpa announced that he would bury his luxurious Bentley, only to drive that car in the afterlife. Alcides Ravel’s story is just an addition to such emotional bond between man and machine.


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Ford F350 is one of the popular pickup trucks that have been in business for really long time, since 1953. Initially, the pickup was sold as F-250, F350 and F-Superduty, all under the F-Series range. The 1969 Ford F-350 was available in different variants depending on the length and payload capability. It was powered by a 360 CID FE V8 engine capable of churning out 215 hp of peak power.

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