Failed Robbery Attempt On Royal Enfield Classic 350 Caught By CCTV

Failed Robbery Attempt On Royal Enfield Classic 350-1

Watch CCTV footage of robbers trying to steal a Royal Enfield motorcycle parked by the side of the road

Vehicle thefts have been increasing a lot in India recently. According to experts, the primary reason for this is the lack of proper parking space for cars and bikes. Many owners keep their vehicles parked by the side of the road, which makes them an easy target for thieves.

Here, we have a video that shows an attempted robbery on a Royal Enfield Classic. It was shared by Sourav Singhal, the owner of the motorcycle in question.  The incident took place on 5th July in the wee hours of the morning. In the video, we can see one of the culprits talking to his accomplices, who are seated in a white Scorpio. The man then goes up to the Royal Enfield and tries to force a screwdriver down the keyhole.

Perhaps due to the presence of some bystanders, the culprit hides behind the nearby parked car. After a few seconds, he gets on the motorcycle and breaks the handlebar lock. He then tries to hotwire the bike. We can see that headlight is switched on, which means that the ignition is on and the engine can now be started.

After being unable to push the bike ahead, the man walks back to the white Scorpio to get help. A man alights from the front passenger side. Together, both the men push the motorcycle ahead. After that, the prime culprit sat on the motorcycle and attempted to kick start it while the second one goes back into the SUV.

By this time, someone had noticed the two suspicious men tinkering with the motorcycle. The man drops the motorcycle and heads back to the SUV, which flees the scene almost immediately. We can see in the video that there are plenty of other vehicles parked by the side of the road, including cars and scooters, all of which are potential targets for such thieves.

We advise our readers to exercise caution with their vehicles. Always park them in secure parking spots instead of the side of the road. Also, anti-theft measures like theft alarms and brake locks are useful in preventing your vehicle from being stolen.