Exclusive: Vinyl Wrapped Hyundai Verna 4S spotted In Hyundai showroom

hyundai verna 4s matte color

Vinyl wrapped Hyundai Verna 4S has a color that suits character and it looks super sporty!

Getting cars off the showroom floor seems a task these days. Despite the markets are getting stronger and sales rising, there are still ways to get even more sales. Manufacturers go completely out of the line, do some things which attract customers who a different taste towards automobiles. This time and like some manufacturers seen before, it’s gone way too flashy. The Hyundai Verna 4S is in question and this time around, Hyundai Verna 4S spotted inside the showroom wrapped in matte orange color and looks absolutely stunning and sporty at the same time.

hyundai verna 4s vinyl rear
Body Vinyl Wrapping will cost around 90K for Verna, 70K for Elite i20, 55-60K for Grand I10

The Vinyl Wrapped Hyundai Verna 4S in orange color has been seen in a showroom in NCR. The Verna wrapped in orange and black make the car look achingly sporty. The silhouette of the Verna is already impressive and this just uplifts the case. The wrapped Verna in this vinyl gets similar alloy wheels as the normal car gets, gets similar interiors as well. The other changes is black color roof and ORVMS, black grab handles. Vinyl wrapped Verna will also come in higher trim that will get the diamond cut wheels.

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hyundai verna matt black roof

Either the wrapped Verna is from the dealer end or is the company planning to launch this uncertain as of now. There is news that the Elite i20 & Grand i10 is also going to join the bandwagon with Vinyl body wrapping. We think Hyundai could do it themselves as these models are about to get their major updates in the form of new generation cars when it comes to Verna at least.

Vinyl Wrapped Hyundai Verna 4S Image Gallery:

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