Exclusive: Maruti Suzuki To Introduce ‘Suzuki Connect’ Very Soon In India

suzuki connect

In a bid to enhance service to customers, Maruti Suzuki Connect information platform will be introduced with various technology based functions

In an exclusive report, we can reveal that Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) will soon be introducing a new online platform called ‘Suzuki Connect’. The mobile application is part of bringing customers more close to the brand with the help of technology assistance while offering them seamless service with ease for a long time.

The mobile application allows assisting various functions for Maruti Suzuki’s customers. For instance, they can locate dealerships, book services, know details of cars and perform in-car checks. During emergency situations, the Maruti Suzuki Connect application enables helpline and customer care service as well.

The smartphone application will be available for both iOS and Android users and they will have to subscribe to get benefitted from all the services. Some of other notable functions are car maintenance checks like battery conditions and detecting problem real time, locating the car when parked in congested space, and so on.

The Maruti Suzuki Connect device can be bought at the authorised dealerships near you and it will be suitable for majority of vehicles present in the company’s current portfolio. It is a 360 degree connected platform with assisted navigation via operator service.

Maruti Suzuki could use a dedicated operator service for answering questions and to render users a personalised experience. Live traffic updates can also be notified from the Maruti Suzuki Connect application and with exhaustive list of offline maps, you can reach destinations without any hassle.

It could also offer integrated vehicle maintenance with ePayment. With regular service reminders, online service appointment, and live service status the transparency will be maintained. The 24×7 road side assistance is another major service that can be enabled through the modern application as safety and convenience for customers take the centre stage.