Exclusive Interview: Mr Ajinkya Firodia, MD, Kinetic World

Interview: Mr. Ajinkya Firodia, MD, Kinetic World

Mr Ajinkya Firodia from Kinetic World sheds light on the plans of the Kinetic-MV Ahusta JV, also clears the air on the latest rumours regarding the launch

Pune: MV Agusta is one of the most premium brands in the entire motorcycling industry. Ducati and Benelli are more of volume manufacturers when compared to MV Agusta. The MV Agusta bikes are known to be highly race prepped motorcycles for the street and limited amount of motorcycles are sold worldwide. MV Agusta is known for their 3-cylinder motorcycles which pump extraordinary torque and horsepower numbers and lightness is their forte.

Coming to the joint venture, as we all know MV Agusta is here in India with a joint venture with Kinetic Engineering. We caught up with Mr Ajinkya Firodia who heads Kinetic Engineering and had quick Q&A session to tell us about the MV Agusta partnership that they have just commenced and how this JV plans to get into the cut-throat super bike market and their plans for the future.

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GW: Obvious question, Competition? What do you think about it, are you late to the party?

Ajinkya Firodia: Well, not exactly, the superbike scene has just begun and we are confident that our beautiful bikes stand apart from the crowd. MV Agusta is one of the most premium and exclusive brand in the world and same approach remains here as well. As a brand we have a rich history of racing and our motorcycle offer different experience to riders.

GW: Sales and service network expansion plans?

Ajinkya Firodia: As of now, if you want to buy our bikes, you can buy from the Kinetic factory directly. Delivers will begin in January. Four new dealerships are coming soon metro cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The rest will follow as demand increases.

GW: Do the dealers have experience in superbike sales, which dealers have been appointed?

Ajinkya Firodia:We have appointed dealers who have experience with selling high-end automobiles.

GW: Key question, where does the price start and where do they end?

Ajinkya Firodia: The pricing will start from Rs. 13 Lakh onwards and it will end at Rs. 30 lakhs. F4 series of motorcycles can go above the said prices. Four F4’s will be allotted to India and three customers are already waiting to get their hands on this 300 km/hr machine.

GW: How do plan to spread the word, advertise about the brand coming into India?

Ajinkya Firodia: Well’ this is the way we plan to do it. Keep meets for bikers of the respective city we plan to keep events in and show them the bike in person. Prospective buyers and current superbike owners will be one of them as most bikers have groups and local bike groups. Today’s event promises over 200 people attending it.

GW: What amount of money has gone into this venture?

Ajinkya Firodia: We have invested over Rs 2 crores to alter the assembly line at the Ahmednagar plant to make MV Agusta friendly.

GW: How do you plan to bring bikes in the country? CBU,CKD?

Ajinkya Firodia: As of now, the higher capacity motorcycles, which is 1090cc motorcycles and above will come as CBU to Indian shores. Bikes below that range, which is the 800 capacity motorcycles will come as SKD (Semi Knock Down). Engines and chassis will come as one piece and be bolted together. The Brutale 800 is here for homologation and hence its a CBU. Once delivers begin in January, The motorcycles that will be sold, will be SKD kits assembled here.

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To clear the air around the rumors in the market, there has been no official launch commenced by MV Agusta India, the company said. The prices of Brutale 1090 is AROUND Rs.17.99 mark, but the price is subject to change and once launched, will be introductory. All launches and deliveries will begin from January once the dealerships across the nation go live. You can buy the bike directly from Kinetic factory, but the waiting period for the same is at least a month when booked.

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