Exclusive: Classic Legends To Revive Yezdi Brand Soon With 3 New Bikes

yezdi bikes

The pricing of the trio of motorcycles from Yezdi brand to undercut the Jawa range and the deliveries could commence by early 2021

Classic Legends has been reaping the benefits of bringing the Jawa brand back to life in India. It revived the Czechoslovakian manufacturer by showcasing three products in November 2018. The namesake Jawa and Forty Two are aimed squarely at the entry-level Royal Enfield motorcycles while the Perak bobber has carved a niche of its own in an attractive price range.

All was not smooth sailing for Classic Legends though as the demand skyrocketed for the Jawa and Forty Two, as the company had its work cut out in rolling out the motorcycles. The Perak took time to arrive resultantly and it has been made available to customers on a wide basis since late 2019.

Despite the health crisis, Jawa sold more than 50,000 units over the last two years and the next 50,000 mark is expected to be achieved in a lesser timeframe. Since the reentry of Jawa into the domestic market, speculations surrounding the Yezdi’s brand’s comeback have been there. In an exclusive report, we can reveal that three brand new motorcycles will be introduced under the Yezdi brand on its return very soon.


The deliveries of the Yezdi range of motorcycles will more likely happen by the middle of February 2021 or in early March. The grand launch of the Yezdi brand in its modern avatar is expected in the early parts of 2021 and as per our sources, Classic Legends could make an official announcement about this towards the end of this month.

With the retro middleweight motorcycle segment facing increased competition, it is really a good time for a new manufacturer to step in and make a big impact. The Yezdi badged motorcycles will undercut Jawas and thus they could make for an attractive proposition. The trio could have several commonalities with the existing Jawa portfolio including the engine and platform to keep the production costs down.


The chances of the Yezdi range to be sold alongside Jawas at its dealerships are also high. Back in the day, Yezdi gained fame courtesy of the Road King, Oil King, Classic, CL-II, Monarch, Deluxe, 350 and other motorcycles. It has a strong connection to the Indian motorcycling fraternity and the nostalgia could play into its hands on its resurrection.

With Royal Enfield making moves to strengthen its entry-level portfolio with new platform and engine, Meteor 350 for instance, Honda has surprised everyone with the H’ness CB350. It will be interesting to see what Yezdi brings to the table as previous rumours indicated that the brand could bring in electric motorcycles in the near future as well.