Ever Heard Of A Pickup Truck With Space Observatory? Here’s One From Nissan


Nissan Navara Dark sky concept has been highly modified and its main purpose will be to transport the astronomers

Nissan today showcased an interesting concept at the Hannover Motor Show which is taking place in Germany. Many might well have recognized the pickup truck by now because the Navara pickup is already available for sale in many International markets. However, the Nissan Navara Dark sky concept is not any ordinary pickup because it features Nissan’s semi-autonomous Propilot system and blind spot warnings.

For this concept, the standard Nissan Navara pickup has been prepped especially to tow a double-axle off-road trailer. While you think the truck looks cool wait till you hear what’s inside the trailer at the back. The custom-made trailer has been fitted with an observatory-grade telescope in a “special refrigerated atmosphere”.

This has been done deliberately to keep the high-end instrument thermally stable and properly calibrated. The telescopes movement is powered by the help of a Leaf EV battery pack, this battery pack also doubles up to power the laptop station which relays data via the wi-fi hotspot.

As far as the Navara truck is concerned like we already mentioned above it features Nissan’s semi-autonomous Propilot system. It also further benefits from Nissan’s adaptive cruise-control and lane-centring tech which is now also available in Many Nissan’s passenger vehicles as well. For this concept truck, in particular, Nissan has tweaked the truck’s radar sensors and onboard cameras to perform some wizardry.


Some other interesting functions spotted in the new concept included a tow-hitch alignment feature, augmented blind-spot warning system and a special mode which uses the 360-degree cameras to scan the surrounding which is useful to find a proper stable parking spot for the trailer carrying the expensive equipment. Hopefully, you can expect some of these features from the concept truck to make its way to the real world.

Under the hood of the concept, Nissan has used the same 2.3-litre diesel powertrain which produces about 187bhp and 332lb ft of torque. The concepts truck’s ride height has also been increased to make it a better offroader.  Although this concept won’t make it to production but this unique concept will definitely attract a lot of attention at the show.

Nissan Navara Dark sky concept Images