EV Retrofitting For 10+ Year Old Diesel Cars, SUVs Allowed In Delhi

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EV retrofitting is allowed for diesel cars and SUVs that are more than ten years old but many clarifications are yet to be made for plying on Delhi roads

The major cities in India are facing increased pollution levels and the central as well as state governments are looking at policies to curb the alarming impact the vehicle pollution results in. Delhi Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot, announced a possible way for diesel vehicles of more than a decade old to continue plying on the NCR (National Capital Region).

He confirmed recently that vehicles powered by diesel engines of more than ten years of service will be allowed in the NCR region only if they are converted to run on electrical energy. This comes as an encouraging sign for owners who could not operate their vehicles due to the ban but they will have to spend on conversion kits to make this work if they are really committed to it.

Gahlot wrote on Twitter about Delhi opening to retrofitting IC-engined vehicles with electric motors so that they won’t be a big casualty for causing pollution levels. He further noted that the move will apply to all the banned diesel-engined cars of more than a decade of service in Delhi and they should fit the process of using conversion kits in the first place.

More clarity is definitely needed as he has not mentioned whether the banned petrol vehicles that are more than 15 years old will be benefitted from this move or not. The government with the help of the Delhi transport department should regulate the companies that supply conversion kits in the first place as the end consumers should not be left in a dilemma.

In addition, kit producers would require certifications as in for CNG and it should be common instead of for individual models as the process is time-consuming to say the least. The transport minister also said battery-powered LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles) in the L5N and N1 categories will now be permitted to enter and park on roads with no-entry hours.

This could encourage transport companies to pursue electrified LCVs mainly in the NCR region and across Delhi. He noted that LCVs registrations have already seen a 95 per cent hike since the launch of the EV Policy.