Elon Musk Predicted That Ford Won’t Survive The Next Recession

Elon Musk Predicted That Ford Won't Survive The Next Recession

Is Elon Musk taking a jab at Ford Motors and their recent marketing strategies with this statement?

Elon Musk who happens to be the co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Inc, recently created a lot of controversy when he expressed his opinion on the renowned US Auto manufacturer Ford’s financial condition. He recently said in an interview that there is a good chance that Ford might not make its way through the next recession.

Adding insult to injury, he later also added that although Ford makes great products, there is very less of that now. Tesla had a different approach of doing business in the US market when they first entered into production of cars. However, after struggling for a short time they understood that if they needed to survive they need to design and build cars for the mass market.

So now they have decided on bringing true mass market cars into the US market. After implementing their new strategy, Tesla have received tremendous results and in the month of July and August 18, the model 3 is now counted amongst the top 5 selling cars in the US market by units.

However, if an Auto manufacturer needs to survive in the mass market they can surely take some tips from the Japanese automakers Toyota because their Camry is still on top of the list of best-selling cars followed by another Japanese car brand Honda and their product Civic. The third and fourth positions too are also occupied by Toyota and Honda as well.


Coming to Ford, to be quite honest, they are still struggling for a solid ground in the US for some time. They have recently tied up with their rival VW which will help them sell more cars in markets other than US. Hopefully their new strategies will work in their favor.

Mr. Elon Musk also added to his statement that car Business is ‘monumentally difficult’, which he also said in the past, but we have to give credit to him for working wonders and playing all his cards right. Tesla is the only US automaker who stayed out of bankruptcy during the last recession and they surely deserve a lot of praise for that.