Electrician Takes Revenge Of Traffic Challan, Cuts Police Station Power Supply

Electrician Takes Revenge Of Traffic Challan Cuts Police Station Power Supply in up

A local electrician in Firozabad has decided to cut the electricity supply to a police station after he was issued a challan of Rs 500 for not wearing helmet on a motorcycle.

In a bizarre incident reported in Uttar Pradesh, an electricity board employee disconnected the electricity of a local police station after the cops from the station fined him for not wearing the helmet. The incident was recorded in the Firozabad district of Western Uttar Pradesh near the Agra city where an electrician was returning to the office after repairing a fault nearby.

As per the electrician, he was returning to the Labour Colony power station where he is deputed after repairing a fault in Badi Chapeti in the city. While returning back on his bike, sub-inspector Ramesh Chandra stopped him for not wearing a helmet and issued him a challan of Rs 500.

Srinivas, the electrician, made the cop talk to his boss, Junior Engineer at the sub-station to pardon him but he didn’t listen and issued the challan instead. The furious electrician later disconnected the power supply to the police station stating that the cops haven’t paid Rs 6.62 Lakh electricity bill.

Electrician Takes Revenge Of Traffic Challan Cuts Police Station Power Supply

Taking the side of the electrician, DVVNL Sub Divisional officer Ranveer Singh said they have issued several reminders to the police station for pending bills and after realizing they haven’t paid a single buck since 2016, the office decided to cut the power supply.
He also said the employees have not received any salary for last four months and Srinivas couldn’t pay Rs 500 for the challan and this is why employees are furious.

On the other hand, police claims it was an uncalled for action on behalf of Srinivas as they have already paid Rs 1.15 Crore electricity bill for all the station in Firozabad district to the DVVNL. The remaining bill will be paid soon.

Station House Officer of Linepar, Sanjay Singh said – “Since 4.30 pm, there was no power supply in the police station for nearly four hours. We have contacted senior official of DVVNL against the cut.” Whatever the case is, not wearing helmet while riding a bike is an offence and police has the right to issue challan for the traffic offence.