Eicher Polaris Multix Launched, Priced At Rs. 2.32 Lakhs

Eicher Polaris Multix

Eicher Polaris Multix Launched, Priced At Rs. 2.32 Lakhs, come with a 511cc diesel engine

After being spied again and again, the Polaris Eicher Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) is here and its known the Eicher Polaris Multix.
The Eicher Polaris Multix comes at a price of Rs. 2.32 Lakhs. Eicher Polaris Multix enters a segment which has massive volumes in the Indian automotive industry. Eicher in collaboration with its US based company Polaris is making a grand entry into the segment with the Eicher Polaris Multix.

The Eicher Polaris Multix Launched is being called a Personal Utility Vehicle (PUV) and The Eicher Polaris Multix has three variants on offer and the top-end costs Rs. 2.72 lakhs (ex-showroom, Jaipur). This is the first product to come from the collaboration and the Eicher Polaris Multix is available in different body styles and is designed to passengers and cargo at the same time and hence the name tag PUV comes in.

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Eicher Polaris Multix India

The Multix is unique and funky looking LCV with headlamps and indicator being housed inside the bumper. s and stubby black cladding in the centre that holds the logo as well. The LCV gets black cladding all around the car in the lower section and on the A and B-pillars and even goes all the way to the roof.

Eicher Polaris Multix is coming with a 511cc diesel engine which is paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox. Eicher Polaris Multix will return a fuel efficiency of 28.45 km/l. The Eicher Polaris Multix gets a tech called X-Port which is an additional electric motor that generates 3 kW of power to run other appliances purposes.

Eicher Polaris Multix Launch 2.32 Lakhs

The Multix uses a tubular chassis that comes with a roll over protection system that implies safety and rigidity at the same time. The ground clearance is 225 mm and it runs on 155/80/13 Ceat tyres. The body of the Eicher Polaris Multix is called as the Flexituff.

Flexituff is the name because with the rear-seats folded, the Eicher Polaris Multix can give you 918-litres of luggage space which is handy in case of emergencies and carrying a lot of luggage and commercial goods. Most manufacturers are entry this segment and the next in the line is our very own Maruti Suzuki which will be coming soon.

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