Ducati Sixty2 Not Coming to India, Cost issues blamed!


Ducati Sixty2 not Coming to India as it suits tax and financial viable only to European market, where sales are certain

Sad news! Ducati Sixty2 isn’t coming to the Indian market. Yes, you heard that right. All your plans of getting yourself a affordable and slightly slow and easy to ride Ducati is gone. Ducati has confirmed this news and said this cannot happen for various numbers of reasons. The Ducati Sixty2 is specifically made for European market where the A2 licence system exist. A licence plans which allows rider of a certain age to choose bikes with a certain power to weight ratio motorcycles and BHP numbers. A 800cc motorcycle can also make it to the licence category if the power to weight ratio is under the limit.

Hence it is feasible to sell it Europe where demand is strong most likely all the time and it suits Ducati’s and country rider program systems along with profits raining in constantly for the Italian brand. Second thing is the pricing strategy. The 800 V-twin and 400 V-twin are largely the same except for tweaks to suspension and engine.


If bringing that through Thailand as CBU kits and then getting it homologated means a very costly affair and prices are bound to ticker down to the customer. Obviously most owners will not be getting them (400’s) then. Naturally tendency of climbing the ladder, which is an 800cc will make more sense at the showroom floors.


Ducati does not have any manufacturing facilities in India and cannot bring down the price of the Sixty2. If it plans to make changes to their business plans such as starting its own manufacturing facility. Something that could benefit other range of motorcycles as well. However, they are almost sensibly priced as per competition in largely all categories of cubic capacity and types of motorcycles.

Overall, bad news and it will stay like this for a long time. Until unless the Italian decide over lunch that they can do something about. Like a Monster 400-500? We think we can wait for that to come to India. Does it need to be a single cylinder or V-Twin? We don’t know, nobody knows except for him!


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