Dubai Police Will Soon Patrol On Star Wars Inspired Electric Hoverbikes

Dubai Police Will Soon Patrol On Star Wars Inspired Electric Hoverbikes

The new hoverbike can even fly without a passenger and is able to hit a top speed of 70 kmph; has a luggage carrying capacity of 300 kg

Dubai Police is always known for patrolling in expensive and uber luxury supercars and needless to say, the said police department has some of the finest four-wheeled machines in the world. Now, it seems that Dubai Police sees cars as a thing of stereotype and is looking to upgrade to something new and interesting.

As an outcome, the cops will soon be moving around in electric hoverbikes that have taken their inspiration from none other than the Star Wars series. For this purpose, the Hoversurf Scorpion concept has already been showcased at the Gitex technology week conference.

Digging into more details about the aforementioned hoverbikes, these can fly at a height of five metres that will prove really beneficial in taking a police officer to places in times of an emergency and also when there is tight traffic. The bike will have a top speed of 70 km per hour.

Not only this, the said electric hoverbike can even fly without anyone sitting at it and can cover a range of six kilometres in such a case. The bike can fly for non stop 25 minutes and also has a luggage carrying capacity of 300 kg. Alexander Atamanov, CEO of Hoversurf has shared on Facebook that his firm and Dubai Police have signed a memorandum of understanding in order to produce the hoverbike in Dubai.

Apart from this new innovation, there is something else about which the Dubai Police can now flaunt about. The police department has unveiled an electric motorcycle that will help in detecting reckless drivers. The vehicle has been equipped with multiple cameras along with smart biometric software that can easily scan for criminals.

The said bike will be deployed at tourist destinations in Dubai and will be connected to the command room. Needless to say, the introduction of these new machines will further take up the reputation of Dubai as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.