60% Driving Licenses in India Are Issued Without Any Test – Report

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Survey conducted across 10 cities including 5 metros shows that six people out of ten get driving license without taking part in mandatory test

A survey has revealed that six out of every ten person with a driving license didn’t appear for the mandatory driving test. This means 60% of total driving license holders across the country didn’t sat behind the steering wheel and gave test before having the driving license. The study has been conducted across ten major cities of the country including 5 metro cities as well, where the vehicle population is very high.

The result of the study reveals that only 12% drivers in Agra received their driving license honestly after appearing for the test. The rest of 88% driving license holders have admitted that they got the license without any test. In Jaipur the number of license holders without any driving test is 72% and in Guwahati, the number is 64%.

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Not only that, national capital Delhi too has 54% driving license holders who have received the document without any test. Country’s financial capital Mumbai too has around 50% license holders who didn’t appear for the mandatory driving test. Interestingly, both Delhi and Mumbai has dense vehicle populations across the country and road accident rates due to driver errors are also pretty high in these cities.

Interestingly, the survey result comes at the right time when the Motor Vehicles Act is ready to get revision to make the rules stricter. The amendments have been already passed in Lok Sabha and these will be discussed in Rajya Sabha before being implemented. Under the new rule, applicants for driving license will have to sit for an IT based driving test.

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This measure is about to be taken to make the issuing of driving license process more transparent and more efficient. Every year, more than 1.15 crore driving licenses are issued across the country that include both the fresh and renewed documents. The 997 Regional Transport Offices (RTO) that are responsible for conducting the tests have been also accused for making the licensing system corrupted and inefficient.