Driverless Minibus Tested in Paris for the First Time


Driverless minibus tested in Paris for the first time; another test run is planned for later this year in the French capital

As automated public transport options are becoming a growing concern in large cities, French capital Paris experienced the trial of its first driverless minibus. The bus is named as the EZ10, and it has been made by the French hi-tech company Easymile. Paris’s transport authority believes, if everything goes alright, then within two years they can start the service in regular basis.

Earlier this year, in Amsterdam driverless Mercedes bus was tested successfully. Also several other countries are mulling the possibility of running driverless public transport vehicles in large cities. The driverless minibus tested on Paris road, was tested on close circuits in other countries like Japan, Singapore, US, UAE and in Finland as well.

EZ10 Driverless Minibus Interior

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The EZ10 driverless minibus can carry up to 12 passengers. In Paris the bus ran at a speed of 25kmph. The transport authority of Paris, RATP plans to test the bus several times again in near future, and one of the tests is scheduled to happen later this year. Next time, the EZ10 driverless minibus will run between Lyon and Austerlitz train stations. Incidentally, Lyon carried out its own test of the EZ10 driverless minibus earlier this year.

The driverless minibus, EZ-10 comes powered by electric powertrain. It can accommodate a wheelchair as well. The bus is expected to be used in Netherlands also. Dimensionally, the EZ10 measures 3200mm in length, 1750mm in width, 2360mm in height and a wheelbase of 2100. The bus weighs 1600kg, when fully loaded. The electric motor is combined with 8kWh lithium LiFePO4 battery, can provide power for 8 hours.

Ez10 Minubus

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In Singapore driverless taxi service has been started on an experimental basis. The US based start-up nuTonomy has started this service in Singapore, and the passengers can book the service through app.