Driver Jumped Out of Cluster Bus Midway Causing 11 Vehicle Pile Up

bijwasan bus accident (1)

11 vehicles pile up in cluster bus accident in Delhi; no casualties reported amazingly

In a miraculous accident that led to the pile-up of eleven vehicles in Southwest Delhi, none gracefully succumbed to fatal injuries. The accident involving orange colour Tata Marcopolo cluster bus unfolded in Bijwasan near Kapashera yesterday morning as the bus driver jumped out midway through in anticipation of the crowd rage.

The irresponsible driver jumped out of the moving bus after hitting a biker whose motorcycle shattered under the wheels of the bus. In a trepidation that the motorcyclist was run over, the driver climbed out and escaped leading to the stricken bus being dragged along on the flyover. The impact on the motorcyclist threw him out of harm’s way amazingly.

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The bus came to a stop after colliding with the vehicles upfront resulting in a big pile-up. The driverless bus slammed on to a WagonR initially and shoved it on the other lane. The people who saw the dramatic accident told police that the car driver had no choice but to jump in order to avoid fatal injuries. Although the WagonR involved in the shunt was ripped apart, its driver escaped with minor bruises as the door went open as soon as the bus came into contact.

Four people in need of medical attention were taken to the nearby hospital which included two motorcyclists while others escaped unscathed. Police has confirmed that none of them endured life threatening injuries to the relief of everyone. The accident took place at around 9 am as the cluster bus heading towards Najafgarh through the route number 578 lost control.

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Upon losing control, the bus took out the vehicles ahead of it alarmingly and came to a halt. Courtesy of the people around, the drivers and occupants in those six vehicles were saved and they underwent preliminary checks before being declared clear. The delinquent driver has been identified as police charged a case against him.