Dieselgate: German Court Denies Compensation For Affected Owners


Braunschweig based German court rejected appeal seeking compensation for Dieselgate affected German Volkswagen owners

Unlike Volkswagen diesel car owners in USA, German car owners who have been affected by Dieselgate won’t get any compensation from the automobile giant. A court based in Braunschweig has rejected the appeal seeking monetary compensation for the affected German VW car owners. This comes as a relief for the automaker as it is already paying billions in compensation to the US customers.

Around 8.5 million Volkswagen diesel cars have been affected across Europe due to the emission cheating scam. A large number of these vehicles are from Germany, the auto giant’s home soil. Consumer rights group myRight and US based law firm Hausfeld filed a lawsuit against the company seeking compensation for the German customers. myRight accused Volkswagen that it has breached EU law by selling vehicles with emission cheating software.

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2016 Volkswagen TouaregVolkswagen itself has denied any compensation for the European customers for the affected vehicles. However, the company initiated recall program to fix the emission cheating software. As the brand claims, the emission cheating software didn’t violate European law and it also says that despite the fixing the cars won’t loss value.

In its ruling, the Braunschweig court said that the Volkswagen diesel powered cars with emission cheating software in Germany didn’t lose their road certification even after the discovery of the scandal. Therefore the car owners didn’t suffer from the loss of value of their cars and this is why they don’t need any compensation. However, myRight said it would appeal against the court’s decision.

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Porsche Cayenne S Platinum Edition India launched 1Dieselgate has been one of the biggest automotive scandals in recent times. After it came under light in USA, it was found that Volkswagen and its subsidiaries like Audi, Porsche were selling diesel powered cars with emission cheating software in several other countries across the world. Since then Volkswagen AG has been facing several lawsuits around the world and it has been also slapped with hefty amount of fine in some countries.