Delhi Colleges To Issue Driving License To Their Students


Number of colleges assisting youngsters to get driving license will increase further in the coming months in Delhi

Central Government has been introducing new digital schemes and policies in a hope to reduce the processing downtime and increase efficiency of the authoritative boards by rendering easy access to the general public.

While their relevancies are debatable, new ideas are coming out every often and in all respects the automotive industry is a no exception. To ease the workload of Regional Transport Offices and the ever-increasing driving schools across the country, Delhi government has come up with a new scheme.

Under which, the prospect of taking a driving license has been made easy for young students. The government body of the capital city has allowed educational institutions and different levels of colleges to issue driving license to their students.

It is under a notification passed by Delhi’s Transport Department as part of Government of National Capital Territory. The ambitious project released by the government enables young students to apply for road legal licenses in ITI Pusa, Acharya Narendra Dev College, Shaheed Sukhdev college of Business Studies and G B pant Institute of Technology.

As has been the norm throughout the country, the learners license is only valid for six months and more than two lakh students will be benefitted in Delhi with the new project. Media reports suggested that two of the aforementioned colleges in Delhi have already begun the process of providing learners license to their students and subsequently a couple of other educational institutions will follow suite.

The number of colleges assisting youngsters to get driving license will increase further as more than 10 administrations certified by Delhi universities will kick start the processes in the months to come. If more universities across India can implement the strategy in a secured manner, it will be highly helpful for youngsters to get the approved license.