Dealer To Pay Rs. 2.94 Lakh To Owner For Stolen Bike

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A district consumer forum has asked the dealership to pay Rs. 2.19 Lakh towards the cost of the bike and Rs. 75,000 as compensation for customer

Cars and bikes stolen from dealerships is a common thing in India, even though they tried to do everything they can to stop it happen. When we give our car or bikes for service, it is the duty of them to keep it safe as the product is inside the premises of the dealership. Madhusudhan Raju purchased a bike from Vinayaka Mobikes, which was worth Rs. 2.19 lakh.

He gave the bike for service on February 9, 2016, and four days later he was informed that the bike was stolen from the service centre and a police complaint has been registered. A written communication was also sent to him by the dealership. Raju asked them that he must get a new vehicle or a 100 per cent refund.

Because the bike was stolen from the service centre and the dealership informed him that once the bike traced, they will get it repaired free of cost and compensation will be given after settlement of insurance claim. Finally, the police traced and got back the bike on May 20, 2016. The bike had undergone lots of abuses and it was heavily damaged.

The dealership replaced all the damaged parts and solved the mechanical issues also, then the bike was given to Raju for a test drive to make sure that everything is perfect. But during the test drive, he realized both internal and external components have lots of damage, which has affected the engine performance also.

So he informed the dealership that delivery won’t be taken and filed a complaint seeking compensation, but the company didn’t respond. The district consumer forum has asked the dealership to pay Rs. 2.19 lakh for the cost of bike and Rs. 75,000 as compensation to the customer along Rs. 10,000 for the cost of complaint.

The bench said that the negligence of the opposite party is responsible for the theft of the vehicle from its custody. The services of the opposite party are, therefore, deficient and negligent in nature. If the dealership has taken proper action then it would have ended in a good way for both parties but in the end, the customers get back his hard earn money.