DC2 Electric Ambassador India Launch Pushed To 2022 – Report

DC2 Customised Ambassador2

The e-Amby was earlier set to be launched by the end of next year, however, DC2’s founder Dilip Chhabria has confirmed that the EV will now debut in 2022

Dilip Chhabria, the Indian car designer, who has now restored his company DC Design as DC2, and will be entering the Indian market again with a new fully-electric version of the iconic Ambassador. The concept of the car was revealed a few months ago, and Chhabria had initially said that the product will be launched in the country around the end of next year.

However, the current unfavourable economic situation has left Chhabria pushing the launch date of the ‘e-Amby’ to 2022. In terms of design, the e-Amby concept was equipped with two gull-wing doors instead of the four conventional doors on the regular Ambassador. However, it is yet to be seen if the production-ready version of the EV will retain these gull wing doors, or get four doors to make it a practical offering.

In terms of size, the e-Amby will be 200 mm longer, 100 mm wider and 50 mm taller than the car it is based on. DC2 is yet to reveal the exact specifications of the e-Amby, but Chhabria confirmed that the EV will come equipped with a 160 kWh battery pack, with a driving range of around 200 km on a single charge.

DC2 Customised Ambassador3

A full-charge will be achieved in around five-six hours, but fast charging isn’t expected to be offered with the car. Chhabria also went on to claim that the e-Amby will be able to sprint from 0 – 100 kmph in around 4.5 – 5 seconds or lower.

The electric powertrain is sourced by Turnkey Integrators based, based in Switzerland, while the battery and other key components will be brought in from China. The electric motor on the other hand, will be sourced from Germany. In addition, the e-Amby will likely have 45 per cent localisation.

DC2 Customised Ambassador1

DC2 will be launching the e-Amby in metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai initially, while international markets like USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia etc will also be targeted. The company plans to sell 5,000 units of the e-Amby annually, in both domestic and international markets combined.