Datsun Achieves One Lakh Production Milestone In India

Datsun 1,00,000 Production Milestone India

Datsun has rolled out its 1,00,000th production vehicle today from the Renault-Nissan factory in Chennai; a red Redi-GO 1.0L takes the honour

Datsun, the budget sub-brand of Nissan, has had decent bagging of sales ever since the Japanese company was revived back in 2014. Nissan destined the Datsun badged cars exclusively for the emerging markets like India, Indonesia, South Africa and Russia. The resurrection of the Datsun name in India for the first time, after being phased out nearly three decades ago globally, showed the commitment of the brand and the opportunity on our notoriously expandable entry-level mass market.

Today, Datsun has rolled out its 1,00,000th unit from the Renault-Nissan production facility in Chennai marking a milestone for the automaker in its close to four years span. Datsun’s maiden product in the country was none other than the GO hatchback before quickly entering its MPV version, the GO Plus. Of the two, the GO has been the decently successful vehicle. Despite showcasing the GO Cross concept at the Delhi Auto Expo, we have not heard much about its potential production version yet.

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However, the tall hatchback concept gave way for the styling of the Redi-GO small car. It has averaged around 2,500 unit sales monthly – ever since it entered the entry-level space midway through 2016. For almost a year, the well-established 799 cc inline three-pod four-valve DOHC engine that works under the bonnet of Renault Kwid has been the sole propeller. It develops 53 bhp of maximum power at 5,678 rpm and 72 Nm of peak torque at 4,386 rpm with the only transmission option being the five-speed manual.

In a similar fashion to the Renault Kwid, the Datsun Redi-GO received a slightly higher capacity Intelligent Spark Automated Technology (iSAT) three-cylinder petrol motor making 67 bhp and 91 Nm back in July this year. The Maruti Alto 800 rival has spawned special edition like the Sport, and the recent Gold edition as part of increasing the sales during the festive season.

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However, the arrival of AMT-equipped Redi-GO is still awaited. Datsun’s acceptance is testament to the fact that more than half of Nissan’s sales in India is attributed to the sub brand. It is necessary for Datsun to expand its offering and foot print in the volume segments to endure a sustained amount of sales and we hope to see more products launching in the near future.