Datsun Invites People for Automatic Test Drive Challenge*

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge22

Datsun’s open Automatic Test Drive Challenge allows people to test drive redi-GO AMT and experience its features; If they opt to buy competitor’s car within 7 days instead, Datsun will give them benefits worth 5000.

The AMT version of the #Datsun redi-GO small hatchback has been making waves since entered the market lately with its appreciable performance and fuel efficiency. It has made the redi-GO one of the most compelling entry-level packages to buy in the domestic market. Apart from the Smart Drive Auto, the redi-GO comes equipped with Bluetooth Audio System with Hands-free calling, dual drive mode, powerful Air Conditioning, Rush Hour mode and has class-leading ground clearance and interior space.

When I saw the rather bold advertisement I was curious enough to take up the challenge as the Japanese brand was very confident with its latest offering, the redi-GO AMT. Up next, I booked test drive via brand’s official website and soon after received a call from Datsun’s centralized customer support. Despite being offered the test drive at my office address, I decided to visit the showroom and take up the drive there.

After reaching one of the showrooms pretending to be a customer with a colleague of mine, I gave my contact details ahead of the commencement of full product demo given by a service advisor. He started with the designing part and by being a tall-boy hatchback;

we already know that the Redi-GO offers best-in-class cabin space including headroom and legroom due to its clever architecture and a quirky styling philosophy that stands out from its competitors making it #TheBetterAMT.

Our conversation continued and we touched the topic of its AMT transmission. Unlike the Kwid’s dial mode, redi-GO offers the transmission lever with MT mode giving the option of customers to choose manual driving when needed.

Following the full product demo, I was told to take up the test drive and it was on a busy road with almost jammed-up traffic. From the get go, I was impressed by the performance of the Redi-GO’s AMT gearbox for an entry-level hatchback segment car.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge20The AMT transmission gives a good feeling when behind the wheel and is undoubtedly the most significant feature of the redi-GO.

Prospective buyers look for AMT transmissions even in the entry-level space these days because of the hectic traffic they had to endure on day-to-day basis and redi-GO AMT’s two-pedal technology comes glued with the convenience one would expect without hampering fuel economy.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge9

The drive was smooth and effortless thanks to the creep function as well after having driven through a dozen of stop-go traffic conditions. Along the way, there were a lot of bad patches on the road and the best-in-class ground clearance of 185 mm made the drive very comfortable.

The behaviour of suspension was nothing short of impressive as well. However, the best part is also the presence of Manual Transmission mode. All you need to do is put the lever to the left and enjoy the fun of the 1.0L engine with just a flick.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge10Another significant feature in the redi-GO AMT is the Creep Function (or Rush Hour mode). Pressing the accelerator in not required when in traffic anymore as the car moves very slow for up to 5-6 kmph.

Just engage the redi-GO in Auto mode and remove your foot from the accelerator, you would be less stressed in traffic. These are the major differentiators that its Kwid cousin does not have.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge13On the outside, the redi-GO AMT comprises of LED Daytime Running Lights, retractable Outside Rear View Mirrors, sharp looking headlamps, high-mounted tail lamp unit, a sporty side profile and much more.

As for the interior, the redi-GO AMT features Bluetooth Stereo, powerful AC, front power windows, cushioned seats and hands-free calling.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge23It was around 2:30 pm and needless to say a very hot day! However, it helped me to test the Air Conditioning spread and ability of the redi-GO. It took somewhere around 45 seconds and I started feeling some cold air from vents and in the next two minutes, the overall cabin temperature was brought down to a comfortable ambience.

By the end of my test drive, I was smiling as I understood why Datsun was so confident and offered benefits worth Rs.5,000 if you buy a rival AMT instead of the redi-GO AMT. It will be a very rare occasion for the prospective buyers of entry-level AMT cars to ignore what this car provides.

Datsun Automatic Test Drive Challenge17In contrary to the Renault Kwid and Maruti Suzuki Alto, the redi-GO offers best-in-class cabin space, class-leading ground clearance, better AMT transmission with MT mode and Creep function along with powerful AC.

The all-important pricing is also very competitive at Rs. 3.80 lakh (ex-showroom). I will suggest you to take the test drive of the Redi-GO AMT before finalising any other AMT car because you would not regret it.

You can take this Automatic Test Drive Challenge from here