Damon Electric Motorcycles Reveals Two Hypersport Bikes

Damon Electric Hypersport-2

Damon Hypersport Arctic Sun and Hypersport Midnight Sun fall in the company’s premier range of models and come with a Copilot system that comes with a 360-degree rider warning system

Canada-based Damon Electric Motorcycles has unveiled two new limited-edition versions of its Hypersport HS motorcycle. Dubbed Hypersport Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun, the two new motorcycles feature bespoke paint work that enhances the visual appeal of the two motorcycles. As these models are a part of the company’s Premier range, the come with the highly advanced Copilot system and Demon Shift technology.

The Damon Hypersport Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun come with white or black paintwork with contrasting gold leaf-like. The Copilot system comprises a 360-degree warning system that scans the surroundings with the use of cameras, sensors and radars to alert riders of any sort of threats. The sensors present in the motorcycle also store the data to tag traffic behaviour and road conditions at different locations. The Damon Shift technology allows the rider to change his riding position as per his riding style.

The Damon Hypersport does full justice to its name as it comes with top-spec performance figures. The motorcycle features and advanced PMAC liquid-cooled electric motor that outputs a maximum power of 214.5HP and a peak torque of more than 200 Nm. The battery capacity is rated at 21.5kWh.

Damon Electric Hypersport-1

The strong performance figures are sufficient to propel the the motorcycle to a top speed of 322 kmph while its riding range is claimed to be more than 322 km in a mix of highway and city riding conditions. The bike manufacturer has also said that the battery can be completely charged in less than 3 hours. All these numbers truly make this performance-spec EV one heck of a machine.

Damon Electric Motorcycles recently acquired the IP portfolio of Mission Motors and even developed the Mission R to compete at the Isle of Man TT Zero championship. The company has also hired talent from Alta Motors.

Damon Electric Motorcycle

For the uninitiated, Alta Motors used to be a company known for producing off-road competition-spec Motorcross and Enduro vehicles. This also leads us to speculate that the electric motorcycle manufacturer could come up with off-road-oriented motorcycles in the future.